AudioJungle Music Pack Advice

Hi, I am think of making an Ambient/Soundscape Music Pack in the near future. I am relatively new on AJ and would really appreciate some advice. I have a few questions.

  1. 3 tracks seems to be the optimum number. Is this correct?
  2. Is it better to have 3 tracks as similar in style and emotion or 3 tracks in the same genre but all slightly different? So if I have 3 space sounding ambient tracks should I bundle them together and call it a ‘space soundscape’ pack or should I try and find one space sounding ambient track, one tundra sounding ambient track and one ocean sounding soundscape?
  3. Are buyers of music packs more likely to be ‘corporate’ or a more average Joe looking for a deal?

I understand there are so many variables to these queries but any trends noticed or points for debate would be of great benefit.

I’ve just started uploading music packs and I had the same questions. I added three tracks to the pack, and they were somewhat different in style. I guess it’s a pro if the feel of all the tracks are similar though. I think buyers are looking for a uniform style for their projects when buying a pack.

My advise is to make the pack as specific as possible. So three of the same type of tracks combined.

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