Soundscapes for Audiojungle?

Hey guys,

Is there a place on Audiojungle for soundscape, background atmospheric type of ambience creating stuff. I’d imagine there would, although my conception of this type of music might totally differ from what generally is considered to be soundscape.

I constructed it so it consists of 4 parts (Intro/main - Break / variant - Loop - Ending) that can be set in which ever order you want. So it would have more commercial application potential.

Is it too out there though, if so, if I toned it down, made it more simpler perhaps, would it be better? If not for Audiojungle, what do you think about it. I personally adore all types of really atmospheric music. A good example would be Johan Johansson. Us northern people are like that

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Really hard to say on this one… I think it’s very well done but whether or not it get’s accepted, your guess is as good as mine… only one way to find out!

I would put it in Experimental/Abstract category probably? Maybe cinematic? Let us know!

There is a soundscape category. Your track should find its place there. I don’t see why they would reject it, your track is good and those tension soundscapes have their use.

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Hey, thanks for your advice! I’ll give it a try. I’ll post back here if it’s accepted :smiley:

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Nice work! I hope it gets accepted for you. I would think there are uses for this.

Your track is not bad in principle. But what can I say at first glance: A little lacks the volume of the overall mix (in my opinion), Because if you listen to two identical tracks, one louder, the other is quieter, then our hearing perceives it so the track that sounded louder sounds better and more qualitative.