New author arround needs advice on uploading this as "Music" or "Music Pack" and your opinion

Hi there, it’s my first message in this forum so I’ll introduce myself. I’m a choral and (wannabe) media composer from Barcelona. I made this tracks for a soundtrack contest and later tried to make it soldable here so I’d like to know if the item has enough quality or if you would remove some of the cues tom make it more consistent. It is a looped theme with variations (added layers) thera are 3 different instrumentations/versions available. And a minimalist version also available.

I also don’t know if this would fit into “Music Upload” or “Music Pack”.

Enjoy and tell me something!
(Maybe we should have a peer reviewing thread on this forum?)

Hello there,

Lovely piece!

You can’t upload it as a music pack though. Music packs consist of previously approved tracks.

You can upload it all as a music item with variations (I think you’re allowed 5 variations within a single item, but you should double-check this information).

However, I think the part from 0:50 to 2:24 might be problematic to pass review. It lacks dynamism, the cello on its own doesn’t sound realistic enough, and there are slight dissonances.