Music Packs and Kits...?

Can I have in a music pack: a 1 min theme, a 30 second loopable bed and a 15 second outro and sell that as a music Pack, then divide those into different bits and sell it in the music kit in 10 second sections??
Could I also sell for example the theme tune separately as an individual $19 track?

Thanks for your help :grinning:

They have to be different tracks in a pack, all available separately in your portfolio as individual items. Have a look at the packs on sale to see what others are selling. Envato’s help section is very helpful too

Thanks for pointing me to the help section

You are getting me a little confused when you when you say they have to be different tracks i suppose you dont mean different songs?! Youre just stating the obvious that track 1 is different to track 2 right?

“Music Kits must be based on already approved Music items on AudioJungle. In other words, the music itself must have already passed initial quality approval before you can choose to package and sell it as a kit.”

This was my question, can i sell a piece of music in its entirety then divide it into bar sections and sell it as a kit, audiojungleHelp says yes, and so it follows that 3 full tracks could be sold as a pack and also divided into kits.

You can upload music kit based on already approved single track. If you want, you can include different versions in the zip of the single item, but you can’t upload the versions of the same item as a music pack, because music packs have to consist of at least 3 different compositions.

No, your question was:

Which you can’t. That’s what TenRoomsAudio above was referring to.

A pack is made up of different songs indeed. Having a main theme, a loopable bed and a short intro of the same song, cannot constitute a pack. It all goes in the same “single” item.

Sorry i didnt make my question clearer, i was interested in if i can use the same song in a pack divided up in a kit,
and Btw firstnote youre misquoting me as you didnt quote the second half of the question.

Thanks for your help, but i dont want this thread to descend into youtube comment territory. :wink:

Seems everyone was misquoting/misunderstanding you. No problem, you’re welcome. Good luck.