About subscription

Will my previous created template stop working if i cancel my subscription. Im new to envato and wordpress

It won’t but the license requires you to have completed any project using elements downloads whilst you are still subscribed.

You can’t unsubscribe then use the item in any new projects or continue ie to make edited or modified versions etc.

Okey but the edited project will still be functioning right?

Yes it will - you just can make more edits or variations

If it’s for a website where you only need one file then you may be better off buying the full copy on themeforest where you get both support and crucially updates which will not be available to elements downloads after you unsubscribe

Okey thanks but I got one problem…my country banks are having issue paying international payment using visa and MasterCard and have not being able to pay for it.i have tried getting a visual card but it not working. Is their any mode of payment except by card like a mobile transfer.

You can ask Envato Market Help and Support but not typically especially as elements is a subscription not one off payment and mobile transfers don’t work for that

I already had a subscription on Envato…but I want to download Investorm at the envato market place but it requires i should buy the script. I thought it’s one subscription an unlimited downloads.

The subscription is for items on www.elements.envato.com NOT the main marketplaces like Gaphiciver.

Some items are avaialble on both Elements and the main marketpaces, and some are exclusive.

Other differences include:

  • Not the same level of support

  • No access to lifetime updates

  • You cannot stockpile i.e. download lots of items for us after you unsubscribe. You have to be actively subscribed when completing a project using a download