About "Charles PSD" Template

Hello there,

I’ve downloaded “Charles” template and have tried installing it from a Mac and a PC and is not working, can someone please assist?

Here is the link of such template: Charles- Business-Consulting PSD Template by CreativeGigs on Envato Elements

Thank you.

What do you mean ‘installing it’?

You mean opening it in Photoshop right? Not trying to install it as a WP theme?

I mean installing it in WordPress as a theme once I downloaded it.
No Photoshop. It won’t be installed in my WP platform. It says it’s missing some .css elements.

It’s a PSD file not a WP theme so it cannot be used for that.

Jesus Christ…

Okay I see thank you charlie4282.

Hello again charlie4282, thank again for the assistance.
I checked the files I downloaded and I was mistaken on the link I sent you before, the theme I downloaded and haven’t been able to install is this one: Charles- Plantilla HTML de consultoría empresarial por CreativeGigs en Envato Elements

Thank you once more and I’m sorry for the confusion.

Thats a HTML file - still not a WP theme so will not work with WordPress

These are WP files on elements Download WordPress Themes & Templates - Envato Elements