Bought PSD thought it was 'ready-to-use'?

When I tried a little test of my PSD file webshop I bought as a template. There were many files and slices in there so I thought I just had to change text and pictures.

But when I saved to Web as Images + HTML it only saved one large image. This worries me… how much do I still need to do to make this working?? :\

Kind regards.

PSDs are not supposed to be pre-sliced. I mean some may be, but it is not a common thing. This was a thing maybe twenty years ago, but you can’t make a modern website this way nowadays.
PSDs are meant for frontend developers to manually code a HTML from it. They are mainly used as a design reference.

Thank you for the reply

So, this is only just a bunch of layers with no meaning at all yet for HTML. I have to set them all to no-image (could not find it yet) and transform all of the pages by hand?

Hope I can get a refund, already had one page that did not suit my tiny small shop trial but I did not get a refund and now this. I was expecting a lot more from templates in 2020 :frowning:

I have to set them all to no-image

Sorry, but I am not sure what you mean by that.

Hope I can get a refund

You can ask for a refund, but the author is not obliged to approve it in a case like this (but he may do it of course, it is up to him). You can read more here:

I was expecting a lot more from templates in 2020

I am sorry but again, PSD templates do not work like that anymore. Sliced PSDs which can be easily converted to HTML is not a thing for many, many years now. It is simply not technically possible to do with the complexity of modern websites. If you are not a coder then simply go with the WordPress, there are thousands of themes available just on ThemeForest alone.

The problem is this financial situation I’m in. The shop is not going to sell more than an handful of items a month or less and being in social security net at the moment I’m on a minimum of income.

The website costs me $75+ USD in Wordpress, taking me 2 months of selling without profit. I’ve been asking for a discont but even half of it would drive me much further in debt.

Again, you can ask for a refund, explain your situation and the author will maybe approve it, it is up to him. But you won’t resolve it here on the general forum. We can only point you in the right direction, there is unfortunately nothing else we can do for you here.

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I understand, I was hoping to hear that I might have been more in luck that it was easier to transform this PSD into a website. I’ve managed to buy an URL for 6.5 euro and 6.5 to extend it so.

But now I’ve lost 30+ usd on 2 websites I can’t use. That will probably be the last time for Themeforest sales.
Thank you for your kind replies!

Unfortunately, it is an investment in your business.

Pretty much no business can operate without some form of web presence (presumably if you are looking at PSDs etc. then you do not intend to sell via your website), and it is all part of the process.

It’s worth noting that there are numerous WordPress themes from as little as $14 which are intended for/with the capacity for e-commerce and obviously also far easier and extensive editing

Despite circumstances, often going for the cheapest possible solution ends up being more costly and complicated

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It’s not really a business, I make 3D prints and it takes a while to perfect a prop. I sell the others just for the material costs without profit.

The PSD files said to be a full website, of course they need some work but I thought he prepared it so I just had to change text and pictures like I said then save it as web legacy.
(that website was about what I wanted with the selfmade crafting look and a cart like Etsy)

I already bought a website here with a cart but it was way too extensive and lost money. Now with this one same so it’s no use buying here if the templates have nothing to do becoming a website or with so much effort that I could slice some picture up myself, save the buttons and have a website or use Xara builder.

I needed something with a cart that could say empty or sold out after 1 product. The first website I had was for a huge store with lots of stock. I had to delete so much from that website to make it work that it would’ve taken months. There was no way to discover this earlier. That’s the thing for me here.

I only have around 1K euro a month and most of that is to pay off the debt. 30 euro is something I eat from for half a week. Anyway, I understand the investment idea but this is more of a feeler with very little people who are in this buying these kinds of props.

Thank you for replying.
Kind regards.