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Hello everyone,
Please forgive me if I am asking something obvious that I can not see. I am searching/download the great digital assets at music area. I have noticed on so many other “free” and low quality sound/music sites that they have a simple LIKE button at each track.

That is so helpful because I can just click and note that track that I have checked/noticed/downloaded/liked.

Is there any LIKE button here except the “add to collection”? Because my issue is that if I have a track submitted in a collection, then the button is not marked. It remains inactive.


God forbid , No ! There are already enough ’ feedback for feedback ’ exploits.


Is this what you’re talking about?


Yes exactly that. Is that option available?

Of course. Especially if you click on the heart)

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And where is that heart?

Elements is different than Audiojungle.

Yes, I am talking about Elements. The content database is the same?

Everything in Elements is in Audiojungle. But not on the contrary.


And it is very pleasing…

[quote=“Manriquedelara, post:9, topic:403075”]But not on the contrary

What do you mean?

There’s about seven times more music tracks on AudioJungle, than there is on Elements.

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In AudioJungle can I download by subscription eg x$ for unlimited tracks or I pay for each track?


Audiojungle is a marketplace that works on a pay-per-item basis. The subscription service is Elements.

ok thanks