A script to create your own library/UI panel is a good idea for selling such a script on VH?

Hello, I’m working on a script, based on many examples, available sources, etc. It’s not perfect but almost ready and i think in basic form could be sell on VH!

Script for After Effects

  • the script has animations added by me
  • the script allows creating categories and subcategories
  • automatically creates XML from the selected composition and saves all properties to the file
  • creates a preview for the composition
  • the preview is animated, so after selecting the element we have a preview of the composition
  • the script can write to XML all the final compositions with pre-composites
  • Creating an empty composition and selecting previously saved elements from the panel automatically generates what we added to the panel earlier in the new composition
  • the script allows you to add and remove elements from the panel along with previews
  • the script will eventually be in two languages, currently in English
  • etc.

My goal is to release a script for sale, thanks to which each user will be able to create elements, elements and even entire whole projects from his precomposition, saving it in XML and using it repeatedly for other projects without the need for copying or other forms.

Many people ask about how to create their own Panel in After Effects, which is why I go ahead.

You are the author who designed the package of titles.
You would like such a package, apart from the standard AEP file with compositions, to have its own script, thanks to which the user / client would add your compositions with the selected title in two clicks without having to open the AEP file.

Product: is a script that allows you to create a script with a panel with your elements, which you added with preview and quick option to add these elements to other projects.

My question is, is there any sense in selling such a script, so that each of the authors could use it and resell it, with own elements in the form example - packages? (like others big packagses with preview panel and simple way to add elements to projects.??

The script sounds useful. As you are targeting videohive authors as customers, it may be worth to offer it for sale here. Other than that, the big marketplace for ae scripts is your market of choice, I guess. (not sure if I am allowed to mention it here, as videohive has their own script section now and this may be seen as competing market).

If you need beta testers, let me know.


Thank You for your answer,
Im exclusive author, i know what website of scripts you talking about, but i think here is better place for this script, because here we have authors and it’s solution not only for people working in the motion design industry, but and author — > client.

About testing this script of course i will looking for some beta-testers, or i will do some video about how it works and show to audience here.

How i said this script is based on experience, and ready elements i found with GNU license so i take it all and do some improvments of it :slight_smile: and i think it’s okey and can be used commercial’y…

I would like try it Let me Know if you need more beta testers

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Sign me up!

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I really appreciate the interest in beta testing this script, but I would like to know the answer whether such script will be useful and whether there are buyers among the authors of the motion design content and whether it is worth selling this type of solution or using this generated panel with its own content in their own products selling on videohive.

Sorry for my english :wink:

Suppose i created 100 elements. I want to add and show these elements previews in extension panel. And when user clicks on it. It will create comp with the designed element. Is your script works in the same way. Then i will be the first one who will purchase it.

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You run Script and You add your composition to panel, with categories and subcategories if you want.
Script Automatically generate when you add composition to the panel a preview of this composition, all is saved in special folder with script with all propeties in XML file. Then you just pack ZIP this folder and script Add AEP because you should - Script is additional element of course for your project and its ready to sell. :slight_smile:

I tell more, for example you make animation in AAE 2017 or 2018, AEP fil want work in 2015 if you don;t have incrementation, but script will be working fine with 2015.3 CC and even you made your elements in 2018/2019 script will generate elements in 2015.3 or 2014 (im working on it). Backwards compatibility :wink:

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Is it works with CS6 too. Iam afraid I do most of my templates on CS6.

Thera are problems with CS6 ;/ script is running but have some problems, because it was early bird of UI scripting in CS6 and not all functions working well, or even there are not included in CS6. It wroking with when i tested in 2014 but with some problems (not big) but fine in 2015 CC and above.

I wouldn’t be volunteering to test it if it wasn’t the kind of thing I’d be likely to buy!

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Yeah i know this :wink: i just write information about testing not personaly to You, Im very kind you wanna help :wink: I just wanna know if it’s sense to sell such script on envato, or maybe better use only for my own projects and sell with project, without option to redistribute and add own elements :wink:
Always i can remove item from VH if nobody want to buy it and stay in basic concept to add this to my own projects and packages.

Let me tell you what will make this a best seller: copy protection. If your script allows authors to sell their works with your script and have a purchase code validation system intact that can be customized to the authors item, then you will have something a lot of authors want.

For the simple “nice interface to import compositions, good for 1000+ items packs”, I’m not that interested. I have coded that myself already, although I’m not selling it right now.

edit/ doesn’t mean that there aren’t hundreds of authors who will be happy to buy that, I would buy it as well if I hadn’t already put the work in to code it myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool Thing …waiting

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