Can i sell ae project and stock video separately

Hi there , i have 1 question, So i started create Hud elements Pack After effects project for videohive, and i want to render my projects elements separately for sell stock alpha chanel video, Can i sell ? is it legal ?

Hey, thats definitely not an illegal stuff - as it serves for different purposes. Specifically:

  1. When you add it as a template, its definitely for more advanced users.
  2. Alternatively, when pre-renders are sold, its for ones who has different purposes.

However, what you need to clearly make sure to do - is to define everything in description crystal clear. That way, you will avoid coincidences where users potentially misslook and purchase the ‘wrong type’ :slight_smile:

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Thanks for you answer , I thought the same as you, but I wanted to ask, i thought some persons can use Ae and they can use ae pack but some people cant use ae and i check hud stock videos on videohive and i saw a little kind of on market :slight_smile: thank u again :slight_smile: