Selling Lower Thirds


Beginner here. I’m wanting to sell Lower Thirds onto VideoHive. Do some authors export a quicktime alpha video file and the buyer just imports that lower file into After Effects or must you include the After Effects original file when uploading?

Tips and advice on the correct way to sell Lower Thirds will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

It’s up to you but everyone prefer customizable projects, rather than .mov files

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Why not just add AE project with preloaded MOV and place all titles on correct places for future buyers? This could be nice.

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Just create the After Effects project file for buyers to edit (add company name / title etc) in After Effects.

And make that a after effects comp an alpha background so they can put their own video behind it and render out - like’ i’ve done with my Cool Lower 3RDS project -

good luck :slight_smile: x

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I’m a wife of a videographer and I can tell you that videographers prefer customizable projects, rather than mov files :slight_smile: I hope it helps :slight_smile: Cheers!


Thanks guys for the advice :slight_smile: