A question about music licenses

I’m using music purchased from Audio Jungle for a game at my company.
I’m using Music Mass Reproduction license.

Are there any licensing issues in the following cases?

  1. If the game users record a video of the game and upload it to YouTube (the music of the game is included in the video), is there a license problem?

  2. If the author of the music raises an issue in the above case, can the video be published any longer?


The license you buy is good fo one end-product, your game. Game players who records their game-play are not covered by this license.

If they upload a video that includes the music, they may receive a copyright claim. They would need their own music license to lift that claim.

If such a claim is received, in most cases, the video can be left up. But the uploader won’t be able to monetize it. Ad revenue will go to the copyrighted content owner.

Hope it answers your question!

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Thank you for answer. If so, are there any other licenses to solve the game player’s problem as well?

No, there are not. All licenses are good for one end-product only and explicitly forbid redistribution (which it would be in a way).

No game developers are responsible for providing music their users can then publish. This is not how it works, and I don’t see how it could anyway.