Gameplay videos on YouTube using Content ID music

A customer has purchased a license from my music for an indie game in 2019, and at that time I did not have content ID. But recently, I have registered all my work with “identifyy” because some one had fraudulently registered some of my work and claiming them as their own “Grrrr”.

I got things settle out and everything is ok now and I can clear every one who has purchased a license. But now he told me that all other people streaming his game are getting copyright claims.

I feel bad for this guy because I had told him in 2019, all my music was free from content ID but circumstance changed that now.

Is there some other type of license that can clear videos like that?
Does the players who stream or upload game play videos like Call of Duty get copyright claims from the music?

In my opinion the only option they would have is that the game players who stream the game on YouTube or other platforms should be notified to shut the music off before uploading or streaming because they might get a copyright notice.

Anyways, I’d like to know your thoughts.

OMG That must have sucked. Maybe this is why our music should be registered to the content ID otherwise other people would take advantage of your works just like your case. This is bad for our clients!. I never expect this problem happen to my clients. This is total chaos!!

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