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So I bought a few pieces of music to use in my game, thinking all would be well.
I posted a small 1-minute snippet of gameplay, Unlisted, to YouTube, and was immediately hit with a ContentID claim by “HAAWK”, who I understand have a history of doing this.

I understand that I can simply provide the license(s) to dispute the claim, but am I to understand that if anyone plays my game and uploads gameplay footage, they’re also going to be hit with the same issue?
If so, what’s the point? No one will want to play it or post their gameplay to help promote it because of that hassle, defeating the entire purpose of having it in the first place.

If that’s the case, I completely wasted my money on AudioJungle!

It is a waste of money in fact. Music for games shouldn’t be registered with content ID. Unfortunately anyone can grab a piece of music and register it if no one did in the past. That’s why most authors do it to protect their music. I don’t know if a special license or contract for this kind of projects already exists, sure it does in more game oriented libraries.

Did you ask support what can be done? let us know

I hope you can solve this

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Why not?
Also, music on AJ are not destined to one specific media such as games, so how would that work?

Because of the problem ScreampunkArts described. I know AJ is not specific for games :rofl: I don’t know how would that work anyway. The point is: if people that play the game are going to get claims all the time for uploading footage of them playing (which they can’t clear), it doesn’t work unless the track is not Content ID registered.

As far as I know most music for games is treated as “work for hire” meaning that you associate the music exclusively for the project. I don’t know if Content ID can get there, but the situation ScreampunkArts describes is a waste of money.

Also you can not ask authors to whitelist every video. It will not happen

It’s the same for major games. The music is always copyrighted and players usually cannot upload gameplay demos with the music. This is not an Audiojungle-specific issue. So, saying that buying with AJ is a waste of time is not fair.

Even if the game creators own the copyright?

See, that’s something I’d understand with actually copyrighted music. YouTubers like Markiplier frequently cut that out.
But when the developer has bought the license with the understanding that it can be used in their game, that should no longer be an issue. The amount of games you see on those channels with zero problems using Incompetech music, which is 100% free, yet the ones we PAY to use are claimed? That’s ridiculous!

Music from Audiojungle is of course copyrighted material. The license you buy allows you indeed to use in your game. Never did say that it also allows any number of player to puload their own videos.

Incompetech music since it’s free can be used by anybody, that 's why there is no issue there.

Would’ve been nice to know before I spent $60+ on music for my game.
What a waste… Oh well, life lesson: Never buy from these sites. Sorry, musicians. :frowning:

You should have asked support how it works before spending money. I know it sucks to know that videos will get claimed but that is how content ID works. Most of the libraries out there have music that is registered by the composers themselves in Adrev, Haawk or Audiam. Maybe there should be a special license that allows to clear any claim if the music is used in the context of the game, I don’t know if that exists but at the moment any music registered with content ID will get flagged and only cleared with the corresponding license or the author himself whitelisting every video.

Honestly, I don’t understand your frustration. Music registered with ContentID is advertised as such.
A license is for one end product. There is nothing shady there.

Musicians should have their music protected… I dont have an issue with that… But the consumer, the person who Buys a permit to use the Musicians music, should be protected even more… I’m currently in this little hole you guys have created. Bought the right the use a bit of music in one video… and still I get a copyright hit… I do my due diligence and contest it. and Haawk replys… we will look at it in 30 days… REALLY…30 days! thats just stupid… I sent the PDF License… I did things the right way… and still as the consumer, Im not only getting a hit. But I have to wait 30 days while they put an ad on my video. That should never be there in the first place.
Conclusion… dont buy from audiojungle… you guys created the mess, you need to fix it. a simple system where I could input my purchase code, when my video is uploaded would resolve all this… But NO… lets not do that. It makes to much sense… How can we steal from you, with a system like that.
And dont give me that bull… upload and make it private so I can go thru this before It goes live… my stuff is time sensitive… it needs to be online now. Audiojungle is not the solution!

I am not familiar with HAAWK, but 30 days is certainly a ridiculous time to have to wait. Contact the author, they should be able to help you. When authors use ContentID, they have the responsibility to assist buyers clear their claims as soon as possible.

This is a great idea, that many of us would dream to see implemented. Unfortunately, this is a Youtube issue. How can we music authors have a say in this? It’d be great if all parties could hold talks and move forward with a satisfactory solution, such as an integrated license validation system. It certainly is technically doable. But there is no communication between the different parties involved.

Actually the mess was created by the thousands upon thousands of Youtubers who simply used our music without licensing it, simply because why should they pay for music… You can thank them for this situation.

Nice way to deflect the issue. With no solution… I have a solution… Im an 8 year member with thousands of dollars spent at Envato… I wont spend any more. there is your solution. futhermore… I run several drone focused groups total membership is 180K world wide members… Ive documented all this, and will be sharing it with all those guys who make videos… consider it more lost sales.

I’m not deflecting anything. I gave you the only solution that can help you with your issue since this HAAWK service is not helpful, and that is to contact the author, as they have to help you clear the claim.

If you’re an 8 year member, you know ContentID is nothing new as it’s been around for approximately four years.

ContentID is not something that’s specific to Audiojungle. Indeed, in light of the massive pillage of our copyrighted material, most music authors want this protection. Moreover, unprotected music is very often targeted by usurpers who register the music to their name and pocket the money. So, avoiding Audiojungle for your music needs, will not help you with this issue, and certainly won’t guarantee a hassle-free experience.