YouTube license sharing


We are making a computer game and have bought about 20 music tracks with propper licenses.

What should we do to allow youtubers monetize their videos about our game? That would be impossible to pass all the youtubers all our licenses (e.g. via email)

Is there any way to link the music tracks to our game or is it allowed to share our music licenses ( e.g. in our game options page ) for anyone that wants to make a video about our game to clear his ContentID ?



What you’re suggesting would not only be impossible, it would be illegal.

The license is valid for your end-product alone, ie your game. It does not cover potential future end products by third-parties. The players of your game who upload to YouTube would have to accept to have ads running, mute the game, or buy a license themselves.

That’s how the system works. Big games publishers do not offer licenses for the music of their games to their players, do they? Why would you?

In any case, the music and the license are not yours to redistribute and this is strictly forbidden as per the license terms.

Hope it clears things out :slight_smile:

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