9 Days review, is this a joke ?


Took a break from envato for this only reason, when the queue was 4 days or so… and now 9 days ? Are you serious ? Jesus… why are you doing this ? Do you think this helps authors grow ? No… After all these years you can’t bring the review time under 4 days ? You can’t expect to have 3 items per month do you ?? Then you get a nonsense copy-pasta reject that tells you the same damn thing… I’m really disappointed in this, shame…


14 was mine


14 days?!? It’s insane!! There were so many awful changes to the site in the last 2 years that Envato became almost repulsive to me! :frowning:


14 days ? This seems envato doesn’t care anymore about graphicriver affiliate, reminds me of the days they had a “problem” with reviewers… which I guess they fired them all… to cut the costs for other affiliates that make them more $_$ like themeforest… because this doesn’t make any sense to me… 14 days for a project ? huh… forget about it… this really is frustrating to me as I’ve been here for quite a while, seeing this brakes my heart… time to move on I guess and forget all about this, though is sad, oh well… what can you do, right ? They never listen to actual feedback like this… I even bet there are no more moderators to check this concern out… GG well played!


Of course no one responds to this thread… everything is fine guys… everything is fine