72 or 300 DPI?

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I know this question might sound funny for the ones who already in PhotoDune, but I’m trying to find out what JPEG export requirements are for PD? Shall I export 72 DPI or 300 DPI? I run a search over web, and here in Forums, and found nothing. I believe this post will be searchable in the future, and your answer will be readen many times. Thanx!

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my point of view (as graphic designer in print templates) -> 300DPI for print designs is a must.


for example - design of A2 poster which is 426mm x 600mm (including 3mm bleeds top/bottom/left/right) is in 300DPI - which is 5031px x 7087px - this is normal 300DPI dimensions for print purposes.

If you make photo in the same dimensions which are A2 poster size 426mm x 600mm (including 3mm bleeds top/bottom/left/right) but in 72 DPI the final size in pixels is 1208px x 1701px - and now I can not use this picture in my printready A2 poster design because it is too small, have too low resolution.

So If you want sell your photos for print designs always check your photos in 300DPI resolution.

I can tell you basic pixel dimensions for main / popular flyer and posters sizes as an example:

A4 size for print in 300 DPI is about 2551px x 3579px
A3 size for print in 300 DPI is about 3579px x 5031px
A2 size for print in 300 DPI is about 5031px x 7087px

If we design something big - for example banner 5 meters width x 1 meter high we can use photos in 120 DPI no problem (biger size = lower DPI but starting from really big sizes, posters I mentioned above should be always 300DPI)

this is about photos for print designs - for my small poster A4 I need much bigger photo than web designer for his online banner - so my answer is about printing industry (which is quite big and shouldnt be ignored for sure by photographers :slight_smile:

This is short answer :slight_smile: if you have questions feel free to ask ;]

peace !

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Hi Novacaina,

Thank you for your answer! Let`s leave it here forever if someone will search for this in the future.
You’ve written a lot for graphic river item. But as well mentioned 300 DPI/PPI for Stock photography.
I just wonder if PD does not publish requirements about DPI maybe they have some sort of inbuilt tool which changes DPI after upload? Then it does not matter what DPI to use as long as you upload a very large image?

I would stick with 300dpi. It can always be reduced if necessary.

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