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Hi guys Recently I created a facebook cover with pixel dimension 1700x630, 300dpi because many authors are now making in this size or resolution. But I’m a bit confused because my item is soft rejected by saying that
Reason: The file should be saves in 72 DPI as it is meant for web usage. Also make sure you create the file for the correct Facebook image size.

72 DPI? I will change that but the same file size 1700x630, 300dpi is already selling on the marketplace?

What to do?

The file should be 72DPI for web use, the file that is up at 300DPI should be reported so the author can fix it.

You could include both sizes.

On the web DPI makes no difference really: http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2010/02/the-myth-of-dpi/

Images on the web are measured in pixels. Yet many people go through the trouble of setting their images to 72 dots per inch (DPI). The process of sizing images for the web is often misunderstood. The misconception about resolution in digital images bound for the web is that they must meet a certain number of dots per inch. In print, pixels per inch and dots per inch impact the size of an image on a page. DPI doesn’t apply to layout on the web. When someone converts an image to 72 DPI, they’re adding an extra step with no benefit. Web pages are measured in pixels, not real-world units such as inches.

I make mine as the standard 851x315 size @ 72 dpi

Ok fine I’ll create that in 851x315 @ 72… Thanks all… :slight_smile:

1702×630px 72dpi is the size you want to upload

as for the dpi I agree it is not much use in web but what people do is they create a file at 72dpi and then increase the dpi by image resizing which in turn increases the file pixel size.

No client has ever complained about quality degradation with the “851px x 315px” size. That seems to work just fine.

I myself have tested it and there is a big difference

even if a client is complaining you should try and get the highest quality possible

I would do the 1700 x 630 and if they reject again submit a ticket, because that is clearly the size. As for dpi i have no clue? I think 300 would be fine, but just to be sure use 72

This is very obvious guys, whatever your dimensions are, the facebook resize it exactly to 851x315’ so why don’t we design it at that size in first place, there would be no different in quality , because at last you are seeing it at 851x315. Pixels are pixels, its not print that resolution matters. Also we are not designing it for devices with various ppi. So its what it is. 851x315.

Another thing, if you are trying to design somthing for web based on pixel and with screen output, DPI has nothing to do with anything. By the way That’s a little unprofessional to design something for view, like mockups, and using a “300 DPI” quote as an item feature.

^ @izzy: +1000 :slight_smile:

Completely disagree with you on this izzy

Facebook compresses the images that you put up including your cover photo, doubling the size of the image causes the compressor to give better quality as it is now working with double the amount of pixels.

Here is a an image uploaded at 851px wide


and here is the 1702px wide version


you will notice a sharper image in the 1702px version

Yes, true, I can see a sharper image on bigger one. Badicly This how any vector software treat images by resizing it to smaller dimensions. It reduces numbers of pixels so any line looks sharper, just like when drawing on a balloon when it’s blown, and then if you empty the air the lines looks so sharp.I usually solve the matter of sharpness by using sharpen filter, it’ll be same at the end.

but there’s some issues with auto resizing too. If our cover designs are not “pixel perfect”. In resizing we will loose the quality. Anyway the facebook Automaticly ruin anything bigger or exact size, when it compresses the image saves it under 50% quality I think, it’s not what we designed at the end.

I think this is worth reading too: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/04/14/mastering-photoshop-pixel-perfection-when-rotating-pasting-and-nudging/

mine latest accept at resolution of 1700px wide 72DPI

I uploaded the latest cover with a resolution of 1700px 300DPI. The work was accepted.

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Hi Sergey, first of all, congratulations on the approved item. Secondly, I’ve removed your item link, as they are not permitted here in the forum.

For further details, please consult Forum Rules. Thanks for your understanding, and good luck.

This thread has got me confused now.
I’ve created Facebook Timelines at 850x315.
Have the file dimensions changed since to double that? Or is that a creator preference to make the file larger to ease editing and have the buyer resize?

FrozenStar said

This thread has got me confused now.
I’ve created Facebook Timelines at 850x315.
Have the file dimensions changed since to double that? Or is that a creator preference to make the file larger to ease editing and have the buyer resize?

Do not worry. This is just a discussion regarding the loss of quality when these covers are uploaded to facebook. Since many authors say that they’ve never got any complaint from buyers about quality with 851x315 pixels, you can upload those you’ve already created.

Though before creating any new templates in future, you can try out these different dimensions listed here and test it out yourself if they work or not. Also try to figure out which is more popular between buyers.

Rest assured, there’s nothing wrong with the dimensions you’ve created them in and you can upload them without hesitation. Although, I think it’s 851×315 pixels and not 850. I might be wrong though.

There is certainly nothing to worry about and/or absolutely no need to use any other size other than the FACEBOOK STANDARD SIZE and normal screen resolution 72Dpi.

I make facebook cover as the standard 851x315 size
and 72dpi or 300 dpi