70% Author get Hard Rejection please Update Policy and share Reason we want to fix issue and sell

70% Author get hard Rejected and envato didnot tell us reason soo please tell us reason we want to move forwad we are interested in selling our item that why we spend time in developement which will take 3-4 month for one plugin and then you said its hard rejected and not sharing issue its totally unfair please change your policy

yes its totally unfair from codecanyon policy we are getting hurt from this policy please share reason we want to fix issue and move forwad

we want to sell item that why we invest our time and money

As discussed in your other thread - the process as it is is right and will not changed.

  1. Envato get thousands of submissions and feedback would either require a huge investment in staff, or create huge delays, or end up being generic and counter productive.

  2. In a premium marketplace it is not the reviewers’ responsibility to teach authors design or code basics

  3. they already do offer feedback when items are close to approval

  4. More than anything - you only need to look at some of the submission rejections in these forums to see how mis-guided and far off a big % are. If a reviewer gives even broad and quick feedback like improve typography, then there is a tiny chance that most will be able to effectively comprehend or action that, which will in turn lead to more delays and more frustration at both ends.

With respect your other thread is a perfect example of why this should not happen - you had feedback from very experienced authors, none of which you either understood or actioned, so why should reviewers or anyone else bother to give more detailed feedback to the thousands of submissions they get?

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as you can see many other have same issue

please understand our pain

Two things gonna happen:

  • You’re gonna keep creating items ( for most of them 3/4 items )and at some point, you will give up and do your own thing.
  • Once you get the approval of one of your item, you’d understand the standards and it’d help you to get the next approval easier.

There’re thousands of people who’s uploading lots of items everyday. I understand it’s not easy as it was earlier/before 2016 but you need to keep with the design/coding qualities to sell the items on Envato marketplace. If there’s no pain, there’s no gain.

Our 4th point above will make the pain so much worse.

Think about it logically - envato get tens of thousands of uploads a month (probably more). If reviewers give even a few minutes to feedback (which would never be enough) it will push the queues to unmanageable length.

The process is not that complicated - it’s worth looking at proven authors who stand out like @FWDesign FWDesign's profile on CodeCanyon

Yes their code and design is some of the best on the marketplace but also….

  • Their items are presented in a way that looks and feels premium and makes it very clear what the value on offer is

  • Their items offer more than something that someone could find for free elsewhere or achieve with a few lines of code

  • Their items offer value thst would be useful to buyers and make a tangible difference to the websites using their plugins

They don’t focus on rushing things out, they’ve invested time and their technical skills in building style and products that now, as @ki-themes suggested, makes approval easier.

If a reviewer needs to explain to any author why typography is not good, or errors in code, or poorly presented work, then they are clearly not ready to be selling on a marketplace like this.

Don’t over complicate or overt think something that is not that bigger deal.

I have to agree with this even if it seems unfair to some authors…

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check you can take a survey about the your policy of hard rejcetion