7 Time Soft Reject WordPress Theme

Recently I upload my first WordPress Theme & I get 7 Times Soft reject. PSD & HTML Version Already Approved. I try to resolve all issues carefully flowing reviewer instruction but no luck. can anyone please help me to figure out this issues on my item.

Here is the comment from Envato Quality team reviewer:

  1. Sorry to say but the made changes are pretty minimal, more improvements in the following areas are needed:
  • Visual hierarchy.
  • Typography.
  • Forms and buttons.
  • More attention to details.
  • Better design consistency.
  • An overall spacing.
  • Color contrast and schemes.

This is basically a default, unstyled Bootstrap theme without any personalizations or unique design. Major improvements in all areas are needed before we can continue with your review.

If the theme isn’t significantly changed, it will most likely be hard rejected next time.

What can I do now?


Same things happening to 9th level Author. So, you have to follow their guideline. Need to improve overall design. On approve time HTML and WordPress is different.

Hi @tripple,
Thanks for your reply. can you please mention any section which part need to improve.


All sections needs re-design.

This is my theme : https://demo.xpeedstudio.com/wp/bizipress/home-6/

Get inspire from popular Finance and Consulting item.

Like : http://councilio.cwsthemes.com/ and http://wp2.commonsupport.com/newwp/wellinor/

First design with photoshop or other software then open a thread for suggestion.

Note: Without re-design don’t re-submit it. Otherwise it will get hard rejection.


Neet to re-design all sections. it’s really funny :smiley:


You have a great start.
But everything looks too general, let’s try to add more unique design details, make it looks different

Hi @leafcolor,
Thanks for your answer. can you please give me some specific suggestion to solve this issues. it so difficult for me to re-design every section.