6 Hard Rejects

Ok, there is nothing more to say. TF do not accept any of selected works.

All hard rejected without any comment. Thank You TF and good bye for the last time :slight_smile: Between 2015 and 2016 I got 14 hard rejects … no money left for playing with reviewers taste :slight_smile:

It is sad. But my situation is worst then it. I hope its will be stable sometime, not so far. Good luck with your works, i think themes are looking good and will have successful future :slight_smile:

Some of these examples are really not bad.
Perhaps you shouldn’t have given up after hard rejects (sometimes even 4-5) of one theme, and insist on fine tuning of that theme, instead to start a new theme,
I, personally, like the http://www.wordica.net/WORDPRESS/wp201/, but there is room there for many tweaks.
None of these theme are really baaad, but some look very familiar to existing themes.
For example, the http://www.wordica.net/MARKETING/M1/V4/ - I’ve seen “a million” themes like that.
Sorry, I’m being honest, as I believe honesty helps the best. :slightly_smiling:

Every theme is similar to other in here. My last in Landing Page doesn’t different from 80% others - and if You seen it milion times why this was rejected? One million and one is too much ? :). No sorry but 1.5 year with hard reject, even Xanax stop working :slight_smile:

wow… my work must be very bad ,only two answers. TF is like dating site, beautiful woman who are looking for love and few standard as not to arouse suspicion :smiley:

Good example bundler.premiumcoding.com/demo/

If I will send something like this to review -100% hard reject

enter link description here

Reviewer are blind ? Top menu is centered, content float left, fixed social overflow content … this is not even soft reject?

This clearly message was:

Idea is great however design was not implemented nicely.

  1. Overall quality.
  2. Layout and organization.
  3. Usability.
  4. Readability.

It’s really clearly and detailed reject :slight_smile: Overall I should start new project looking at this reasons and delete this - and I delete it.

So this is soft reject … interesting … You tell me to make new theme because I paste and copy some elements and think that this is design :slight_smile:

Pattern - it just paper pattern with fixed position, there is option to change pattern or make it white … how You want to make it “inline” with text :slight_smile:

I don’t know what is hard to use in top menu, really - You cant move mouse on buttons ? , cant see green button “older posts” ?

Typography - is nice for me

I would say that all those items are pretty decent. wp201 being the best of them IMHO. Those are definitely better than most designs found in these “why I got rejected” threads. However, all of them are lacking this last step which makes difference between decent and good one design. This last step is better attention to details. Things which seem very insignificant, but when they sum up, they make a big difference, like more professional logo or better stock photos.

Typography - is nice for me

Honestly, why are you even asking for feedback? Typography on wp100 is definitely not good enough, this “typewriter” font doesn’t look good at all.

I understand you are frustrated, 14 hard rejects is a lot and hat’s off to you for not giving up (at least until now). I remember when I was already on ThemeForest but had very poor sales, my friend (fellow TF author) told me something in lines of this Albert Einstein famous quote:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The best advice I can give you is to forget about blog/creative/corporate/whatever designs and pick some nice small unsaturated niche. And I would also say that do the HTML template first.

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I do think one or two are not a million miles off but they will likely never get approved while you are an exclusive author and already selling them on a different marketplace.

(Irrelevant if if you plan to remove them from the other marketplaces if they are approved by TF).

@charlie4282 That wasn’t a problem. I do not sell it earlier - they do not accept it so I put them to other markets. All my themes on other markets were rejected here … I must earn something.

Totally agree with @Znashty , @LSVRthemes and @charlie4282

You have all the answers but unfortunately do not want to accept it.

The work of the reviewers and they know it all is NOT teach. Their job is to review to determine what is suitable or not for the market.

If for example we get a soft rejection and have a minimum feedback as:
01: Typography.
02: Readability.

Our job is to investigate thoroughly and break down that little word “learning” and accept that we are wrong and how can I improve if I really want to get something have to work.

Nobody will make more effort to respond. The more effort you make to ask.

It’s time to leave your favorite and migrate to other ma actules and creative projects instead.

Instead of seeking Themes approved and / or criticize or attempt to emulate them. Empiez to research and work.


@LSVRthemes @TexTheme Typography wasn’t in feedback from reviewer, but one person ( now two ) here said that - “Your typography is really pain to my eyes”

So who doesn’t know what typography is - reviewer or You ? :slight_smile: You must chose if reviewer know what is doing.

@LSVRthemes - yes I love this quote, I always say it when it comes to democratic government elections :smiley:

ps. And I was on TF about 1.5 years ago and got accepted about 10 landing pages in marketing sections. I said it because of this quote and because reviewers do not write something like “Readability” but really show what they do not like in soft reject.

How about Your sale … ? I will never understand why reviewer hard reject X theme and accept Y theme.

Of course I do not include elite authors which have remarketing list … right now solopine is making huge money on remarketing from TF to CM … but what can You do … :slight_smile:

This! This is your way my friend. Time to step into micro niche themes. All I can say is don’t give up, start designing micro niche themes and you will have a great future.

Crelegant I remember You from few last years, You many times change name … You sell 300 items in here from this time ? I get much more on different shops ( every was rejected in here )

Just because the reviewer won’t explicitly said your typography is weak it doesn’t mean it isn’t. I mean, I am not saying it’s horrible, typography on my own themes is nothing special too, but the thing is that improving typography can make a huge difference in overall look and feel.

The true is number of people == number of opinions. And I’m 100% sure that many of You will show not one project that doesn’t look good and shouldn’t be accepted.

@WordicaThemes, my themes also rejected. Reason for all product is like same.
I think i’m maked some stuff wrong.
Thanks, @Shavkatoff.