Mega WordPress Theme Hard Rejected!? Have a look Here

Hi guys,

We spent a few good years building a mega WordPress theme that has 20 different child themes, 1 click demo data import, VC, layerslider etc among other most sought after features, and it got recently Hard Rejected :frowning: . We made sure it complies to every known standard, there’s no error with theme check etc. Not to put others down, we aren’t pros either, but we see far more “basic” themes getting approved everyday so we are devastated to have received a hard reject.

Can you guys help me out here, please? Have a look at these demos (there are 20 of them) and tell us if we are really worth a Hard Reject. Any feedback is highly appreciated for us to get the theme approved.

Thank you so much in advance.

Can anyone help me out ???

Well, it is clear you’ve put a LOT of effort into this one, but you forgot about the most important thing - design. I’ve checked only few of your layouts but all of them have very poor design. Your theme is perfect example of quantity over quality.

BTW, are you aware that you can’t sell the theme on other marketplaces if you are an exclusive author?

Is the name HybridUniverse really trademarked?

Though it is not a rule of thumb, but most items get hard-rejected due to poor design and lack of aesthetic quality. The reviewers take a good look at the demo first (doesn’t matter 1, 2 or 20 demos) and if, IF they like it, the items qualifies for the code review. Number of demos, sliders, data import, visual composer are all icing to the cake. They are features, not requirements. These features only help the reviewers set the price of the theme after it has passed the basic design and code review. This is the reason why basic themes also get accepted.

As far as your theme is concerned, the design is not so pleasant. The typography isn’t too impressive either which includes inconsistent line-heights and irregular padding and margins. Also, I see a lot of unnecessary effects which is distracting, for example in the 1st demo itself, hovering on the ‘Blog’ menu item flips open something below with some random icons. What is that? It’s confusing and it also makes the page jump. This is just one example.

I can’t comment on the code quality but I assume it’s good. But you need to work a lot on the design aspect.

Also, as @LSVRthemes rightly pointed out, you cannot sell this theme elsewhere if you are an exclusive author.

Its really sad to hear that your theme got rejected. Its clear that you’ve put a LOT of effort into this one. But I think there is room for improvement in design may be that’s why its got rejected.

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Thanks everyone for replying.