50 Keywords for Video Items

Today we’re announcing the launch of something many video authors have been asking for.

You can now add up to 50 keywords for all video items across VideoHive and Envato Elements!

We understand that for many authors this will make your workflows much easier, and we’re happy to be able to give you more flexibility.

The basic process for adding keywords hasn’t changed - you still add them within the upload form you usually use, except now the maximum number of keywords has increased from 15 to 50. You can also edit keywords on existing items individually via ‘Item Edit’.

This change also provides increased discovery opportunities for your items. Keep in mind, though, that keywords should be relevant, accurate and spelled correctly, and existing standards still apply. More details can be found in our submission guidelines.

Feel free to leave comments or questions below, and please keep in mind our community guidelines when posting.



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I just have this concern. I’m still new here and looking for an answer to this question.

Updating tags in existing items needs review.

So, once we update all tags, then send to review, and “In case”, if the review process reject the update, will the item be deleted from portfolio or will it be hidden?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Next step is to make the default resolution 1920x1080 instead of 960x540

Great! Thanks!

Hello @steve_lam :raised_hand: To be honest, this does not look right to me at first glance :shushing_face: Have you done any research on how this will work? Will this help the client quickly find what he is looking for? Will 50 tags more accurately describe the item than 15? What if 15 tags more concisely and clearly describe the item?

For example:
The irst seller has an «Instagram Stories» project. Of course, in the tags he indicated «Instagram Stories» since this tag accurately describes the item.
The second seller has a «Wedding Slideshow». Now in the description he can add 50 tags, and he will add: Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Vimeo, etc… only because this slideshow after editing can be uploaded in all these social networks.
Now imagine that I am a client who needs the Instagram Stories project. Now when I search a project using “Instagram Stories” words I will have to scroll through many pages with different Wedding Slideshows, Parallax Slideshows… and other projects that do not interest me.

Conclusion: I think this may lead to the fact that the search for the client will become less accurate.
Hope I’m wrong


I’m agree with you completely! For client it will be difficult and time consuming to find what they are looking for. I was thinking about it but didn’t find any comment against it. Finally found :slight_smile:

Hi @steve_lam. I’m also thinking how @romlam described. I think 15 keywords are enough for one item.

Otherwise everyone will use unrelated keywords for an item which will lead confusion for customers :exploding_head:

Yes. 15 tags made us choose words carefully. Maybe 50 tags is a good idea for the Stock Footage category, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for Projects and maybe for Motion Graphic


This makes popular projects even more OP. Common.
Plus 50 is a bit too much in my opinion.

Why does envato like monopolies so much?

So-So this idea.
I haven’t bought anything for a long time, but as a customer I would like to get more accurate search results for what I’m looking for. I’ll give you an example from the jungle, there is such a mess that it is very difficult to find something specific, because the authors insert tags that describe their music very poorly.
As a result, I could only spend 2-3 days searching for music. I was lucky, I started working with the author and now all I need is just to show REFs and send examples of what I’m doing. And the perfect (from the point of view of stock) music is ready for me.

We have a great example of bad design, https://videohive.net/item/cyber-logo-intro/27512125

Perhaps from the point of view of the author it is cool, you attract more attention to yourself, but I think it will just increase sales Tops when tired customers from the search will buy what is on the market and will not help new items.

P.s I used a translator and I hope that my idea is clear.

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This is sensible for stock footage, don’t think it helps buyers looking for video templates.


Yes. 20 maybe. 25 maximum for projects. 50, I guess, will make confusion here

I agree with @romlam, I think 50 will put the item in a very broad circle and not in specific one. for example, if I add 50 keywords to my item, this will make confusions with other items of different categories as I think and put the customers in a puzzled situation. He / She will wonder " what are the items which will be best and suitable for me " it will need more time than before in searching process. I think,The best number is from 15 to 25. Plus newbee author will add every words that will come in his/her mind and this will effect the platform’s search results for the customers.

When you submit an update for an item that goes back into the review system, the approval or rejection action that gets taken only affects the update. So if you were add 5 new tags and submit that update into the queue, and the update were to be rejected, the item would remain live but the new tags you added would not be committed to the item’s attributes.

Strongly disagree with you.
Let’s say you have Instagram stories. Your possibly keywords would be:
instagram, instagram stories, story, TikTok, tik tok, vertical, social media
Seven keywords, with 15 keywords in total you should obviously choose most popular ones. So you do not refer Tik Tok. But somebody do! So he get benefit from nowhere, because obviously all Instagram Stories could have Tik Tok keywords.
Same with Youtube, while somebody use it as a keyword, others don’t, because they think it’s a waste of space. But obviously all projects may have vimeo and youtube keywords.

So with 50 keywords we can finally “devalue” popular, but not so much descriptive keywords. Right now there are 6,524 projects with youtube keywords in AE category. While obviously all 64,700 items deserve to have this keyword. If everybody can put it, there will be no sense to use it.
For those who create dedicated content for youtube bloggers, with 50 keywords they may finally be more descriptive in tags:
vblog, vlogger, vlog, video blog, blogger, youtube, youtube channel, youtube end screen
…and so on and so on. Cover all possible searches.

Will the reviewer read and check each keyword ? I dont think so .
Why theese edits needs a review process ?

I think 50 is too much. Must be 25 maximum. The search box will show more items, but it will not be the right target. The buyer will not find anything.

Strongly disagree with you.
So with 50 keywords we can finally “devalue” many great projects.
I am waiting for an official response from the Envato team. I wonder if they investigated this potential problem. And if investigated, then how?


Is our search impacted with this feature? What will happen if we left 15 tags?
Can this decrease sales?

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