Better keywording, more sales!



Hello to Everybody,

Last few days I was searching for few videos. It took a long time. Lots of authors has WEAK keywording. I know keywording is boring administrative work, but it must be done.
I saw few amazing videos, one of them is 2 years on market and only 23 sales… So work with keywords. Buyers can find your items much faster!

Example: if logo sting is minimalistic, use keywords eg 2D, clean, simple, minimalistic, minimal, white, … use for description more words!
If logo sting is just also good for TEXT, use: text, word
If any video should provide some emotion, use it in keywords: happy, bright …

Well, there should be a DUTY to use minimum 20 keywords…

So add more keywords!!! Work with it, think of it. Thank you! Happy Christmas to all!

Best wishes,


Hi! Thanks for advice! And good luck with your sales :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing I know all authors mostly use famous keywords not the related keywords because of their lack of knowledge


Thanks for advice! Keywords as you said boring :weary:


@MilanMedia Envato allowing us to put ONLY 15 keywords to videos. Im fighting with it quite a long already. But no luck. Yes. Sometimes it is very hard to describe more complex clip in 15 words.