3hard reject ..need feedback..help me

After 3 hard rejection feeling down :disappointed: …but I know my mistake …but I really need more feedback…help me guys
here is the tracks

Long Way to Go
Listen Music Files - Audio Hosting - Long Way To Go -Inspiring - …

Hero Rising
Music File Hosting - Upload Audio - Rising Hero Preview

Walk and Smile
Play Music - Music podcasts - Walk and Smile- Preview


Sounds great to me - honestly, my ratio right now for reject/approved songs is a little ridiculous - for every FIVE ITEMS REJECTED, I get ONE accepted

And I’ve had stuff in big time TV shows and commercials. I think some of the reviewers are just completely ridiculous

Thanks … I have uploaded 5 track only 2 tracks are approved…need feedback as well so I can do better next time

Honestly, I don’t know what to say - I don’t think there’s anything necessarily “wrong.” This may be against forum policy, but you should consider uploading the rejected songs to other stock audio websites. Don’t just let them go unused because they still sound like they would sell good - if Audiojungle is going to reject quality songs, then you are no longer committed to selling that quality material here. Therefore, be respectful to your time spent on that “rejected” material and consider selling it elsewhere so your time hasn’t been wasted.

I’m telling you, I used to work for a company that placed cinematic drama songs on NBC, and your track “Rising Hero” sounds just as good, and in some ways BETTER, than a lot of the stuff used on NBC.

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I thought I was the only one. Bit strange but happy to hear.

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Thanks a lot …for your suggestions :smile:

They sound good to me. They sound different than average track here. I think I’m starting to understand what is going on with rejections- audiojungle developed its own style in each category and songs must be similar. Not that it is a rule or something, simply reviewers don’t know what to do if something is a little different because they are so accustomed to specific sound that has evolved here on audiojungle.


That’s what’s infuriating - there should be a variety of sounds on here

Rising Hero is nice and different. Maybe the copper could be a little bit bigger.

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thanks…I realize that later…but hard rejection …cant expected :frowning:

I wouldn’t blame the reviewers in this case. I’m not saying you have “a long way to go” as your title suggests ;), but compared to the best selling tracks in these genres there’s definitely things to learn. The reviewers are (hopefully) looking to publish stuff that’s competitive. Even if they have biased views of what works and doesn’t work, leading yourself into thinking they are wrong and you are right doesn’t bridge that gap. Think about it this way - when your track is online you’re going to compete with all tracks approved that are subjectively better than yours. You’ll be happy to know that once you make approval, at least you don’t have to compete with every single submission ever made :sunglasses:

A few thoughts about your tracks:

Samples - Try working a bit more with your synths and samplers, find the sounds that really make your project come alive. Right now it’s a bit thin. Instead of layering instruments and crowding the mix, try to make each instrument stand out on its own. Try to think about your track “1 beat at a time”, set your loop to 1/4 of a bar and really dive into detail until you believe your sound is everything it can be. If one bar of music isn’t great, who would want to listen to 2-3 minutes of it? :wink:

Mix - your mix is a bit all over the place, try to make a more cohesive statement by grouping frequencies together and use a multiband compressor on the final mix. Listen to the leaders of your chosen genre and if you can’t tell what’s different about your mix, ask someone who can or use EQ matching: http://music.tutsplus.com/tutorials/making-the-most-of-match-eq--audio-6118

Structure - Think about how a buyer would use your track and try to deliver a clear dynamic curve. Many videos have a suspenseful, slow start and then at the point of deliverance kick into a higher intensity. Others just rock on from start to finish - but what I believe noone is looking for is something going up and down randomly.

Melody - your melodies are a bit fragmentary, again try to keep a solid idea intact throughout the composition. Variations are OK as long as they have a meaningful purpose. A melody shouldn’t be random notes over a chord, it should have a clear voice and convey an understandable emotional message. Otherwise it’s not going to be effective for someone wanting to augment the emotions of their video/podcast/game/whatever.

Harmony - your chords (and basslines) tend to be either repetitive or random. Provide an interesting progression but don’t overdo it - I’d stick to more conventional chord successions if I was looking to sell a lot of licenses. Three or four simple chords can be enough - if they sound GREAT.

In short - keep it basic but make it shine :sunglasses:



Thanks a lot… I saw a post “similar kind of music by new authors” I really dont remember exactly the subject but people talking about similar tracks that’s sound like some best seller audio …I am trying to producing something different…can I ??? I dont want to make similar track what exist in Audio Jungle…and I am woking on it very hard…I hope my next track will not reject…just waiting long …

Thanks a ton :slight_smile: could you please suggest some 3rd party plugins , I am using waves and T-racks right now …i think its great for me :slight_smile:

Hi there Rishabhnag, i listen to your track and here is my feedback:

Long Way To Go : i think the piano and strings needs more work on dynamic it feel just to straight,and i heard some clipping issue on certain part. Nice music by the way.

Rising Hero : Same as before Clipping detected , the rest are fine i guess.

Walk and Smile : The piano need more work on dynamics, and the trumpets part is clipping too. As far as i know Aj doesn’t like horns , most of my track got rejected with a horns in it.

I hope that’s helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for you feedbacks :slight_smile: Its very helpful for my next production :slight_smile:

Don’t worry too much about plug ins, you’ll do fine with basic EQ and compression as long as you take your time to learn how to use them. By the way, both the Waves and T-Racks plugins are great, you really don’t need anything else to make an AJ track :wink:

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