3 time the same soft rejection please help


A few days ago I recieved soft rejection and reviewer said:

There are spacing and alignment issues throughout this item. Please take a moment to make sure that all elements are aligned perfectly and everything is spaced consistently from section to section.

After even I improving my item submited for the 3rd time I still recieved the same message from the reviewer. Could you help me to find out this.

Also reveiwer wrote this:

Unfortunately, we were unable to approve your submission because your files were inaccurately represented as responsive and fails to implement the feature up to ThemeForest standards. Please take a moment to make sure that your design implements the feature well for mobile devices as well.

If you help me it would be really great.

Thank you

The reviewer feedback is pretty much spot on to be honest.

With all due respect the fundamentals need a lot of attention.

  • generally the design feels a bit basic and outdated. Not helped by basic colours and type.

  • Typography is not great generally

  • Various elements do not align

  • spacing is inconsistent throughout

  • overlay on services needs rethinking especially the type

  • blog and portfolio icons need to be more prominent

  • The layouts are all over the place- the original is not the same as any of the layout options. (I am assuming it is meant to be the central one).
    When switching to left or right the margins change depending which you are viewing and on the left hand view the site breaks

  • it is not mobile friendly or responsive? Not an requirement but a major barrier to sales

In addition, fix the menu on smaller devices. When clicking the menu it expands covering the content. There is no intuitive way to hide it.

  1. Add a close button to close the menu instead of depending on the shade area to close it which is hardly visible on mobile and non-intuitive.

  2. When a menu item is clicked, hide the menu.

  3. When a menu item is selected, highlight it so that the user knows on what page they are.

Honestly bro, please look at the latest 25 items from wordpress category. You’ll easily understand where you are now! Long way to go… i suggest you keep going…

Tips: A theme is a sexy VIRGIN girl, You fall in LOVE at first sight and you want to have SEX with her right away.

Here is what i meant:

VIRGIN = Unique and attractive aesthetic look
LOVE = Intend to Buy
SEX = Finally Bought

Soooo, Have you fallen love with your own theme yet ???

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Thank you @charlie4282

Thank you @Ebrahim6 it is not wordpress at all

Thank you @Typps