3 Sales reversal today :(

Beside that you earn nothing from all these author fees and hidden fees i got today a 3 sale reversal
i just feel like Envato not protecting us at all :frowning: just one solution is to sell your first version with bugs than improve it and fix it for real customers , but still anyone can do sale reversal even a real customer :frowning:

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Unfortunately this is just the cost of doing business. There is nothing Envato can protect you from. Any place where customers pay with anything that is not physical cash has this issue.

Overall your profits should easily outweigh the reversals.


A sale reversal does not mean Envato didn’t help out. It means there was a “suspicious” activity detected in that account and it was immediately terminated. These are things that happen even in huge businesses and there’s little to do against them. Cheers!


I think its easy to detect fraudulent buyers ip address of someone from Nigeria paying with american card or american paypal its pretty easy to detect in advance … unless the person is legit but on purpose ask for reversal , dont tell me reduce amount of frauds its not possible and just let it being done …

We get a lot of people here on the forums complaining about their account being locked after placing an order. So I think there’s clearly some protection in place; the issue is balancing it in a way that reduces the number of false positives.


think for small amounts it’s pretty easy to fraud , but also if the account is legit and the person doing reversal on purpose here Envato shouldn’t allow it

They definitely don’t allow it. When a sale reversal occurs due to fraud the account is locked immediately and banned from creating new accounts. :+1:


well i know it’s waste of time trying to understand why and why , Fraud has been done and will occur again with popular templates and nothing or nobody can stop them , only thing to do is to sell an unfinished bugged product and keep updating it for legit customer.

That’s a great idea if you want to get disabled faster than you can say “bugged”. Apple, Tesla, General Motors, Samsung, and other great manufactures around the world do not sell broken products to avoid Credit Card scamming and then give legitimate customers the real deal. This is a plague that affects the entire world and everyone is fighting it the best way they can, and to be honest, knowing a few things about how Envato handles these situations, believe me, they’re doing a much, much better job than other companies that should by far over-rank them in this department. I’m curious how’d you feel to be a friend of mine that sells on an opposite market and get a reversal worth over 30% of your months earning due to “unable to guarantee payment was legitimate, funds will be held for 6 moths”

Credit card fraud is global, and there’s nothing we can do about it but thank anyone that can reduce the amount of sale reversals, and currently, they are at an all time low and going lower and lower! :blush:

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And as a reversal can be carried out up to 180 days after the purchase, there’s nothing to stop them carrying out a reversal after you’ve given them the finished product. There’s only two ways to avoid reversals…

  1. Hold the buyers funds and only issue them the item after 180 days.

  2. Don’t accept credit card payments, Paypal or Skrill. And that’s all they accept at the moment, so they’d have to start accepting something else. Cash or cheques through the post for example.

Both of those options combined would completely eliminate sales reversals, but they’d also lose you about 90% or more of your customer base.

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what i mean is keep updating the product with new features resolving bugs … the fraudster won’t be able to follow you and buying it every time, one example i had a fraudster who asked me in comment to help him to setup the game template , i wrote him how did you get my game its no mentioned purchased in your comment , he sent me reply with ref : codecanyone-2345 , real joke they really think we are dumb

Ps ; @SpaceStockFootage its no my job to track the fraudsters its envato job

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Well if somebody carries out a sales reversal, they have their accounts blocked, and their ability to download the product (and any updates) revoked. They also won’t have a valid purchase code, so any contact they make through the comments or via the contact box on your profile… will show that they have not purchased the item. That’s all tracked by Envato.

I have face reversal after 2 months from buyer’s brought the products, this is very bad rule from envato. If reversal for money issue then envato should make another rule for buyer.

A good idea is, to enable the download section when the money process is 100% complete. I mean, i don’t care if need to wait some time minutes/hours until envato get 100% the money of purchased item. This action is not too difficult, developers can change this feature i think.

Nobody will buy here if they have to wait 6 months to download something they purchased, mate.

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4 sales reversal for me today lol. It can be good if envato don’t sale reverse the author after 1-2 months. I know it will be money loose for envato but it will be more fair with us :slight_smile:

So you want them to pay for your sale reversals, like they used to? Are you really prepared to deal with the increased author fees necessary to cover their losses? :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have 2 reversals today :rage:
As I know, Envato cannot do anything about it. The problem is deeper. Reversals are allowed at the level of payment systems. Correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

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You’re exactly correct! :smiley:

But what many authors fail to realize, is that Envato does fight sale reversals (remember, they lose money too!). Behind the scenes, they’ll do what they can to dispute the process and get the money back. If they’re successful (and sometimes they are), you’ll likely see the funds return as a new sale after some time passes.