2nd VideoHive After Effects Project Rejection

Hello Guys,
Please help me, i’m furious!
Envato just rejected my second project in a raw. They didn’t say why.
I’ve been doing After Effects for over 10 years in broadcast quality and requirements
How come it’s not good enough for Envato?
Got any ideas?

This is the project video:

Thanks everyone!

it does not looks good… at first make that “flow” FLAT. at present time it looks like 15 years old animation.
you need more dynamic. much more. more details… maybe some additional lines or/and parallax effect etc. just pause at 15sec. what do you see?) photo + yellow solid + orange title? =) it too basic.


my advice

  1. double the transitions with some low opacity layers or you can
  2. make the color of flow flat like denis said
  3. And also look after the project structure even though sometimes the output looks good if the structure is not good
    then also reject occurs. you need to think of basic level buyers how flexible they can customize your template
  4. Finally after making flow to flat color use some supportive flow elements to look more impressive play with those colors filling the title too
  5. some supportive elements for text layers

overalll the animation looks good buddy keep the levels up day by day make unique templates
all the best

I like it, but I agree with the flow thing. I think there’s too much of a contrast between the clean, geometric, flat style… and the non-clean, organic, wet 3D style.

Thank you all for all your input.
I will make the necessary adjustments.