VideoHive After Effects Project Rejection

Hello Guys,
Please help me
Envato just rejected my third project.They didn’t say why.
some of old project in envato that approved by envato is pretty simple but this project is rejected
Got any ideas?

This is the project video:

The logo reveal is a simple fade-wipe, not interacting at all with the 3D Streaks part.
The fading of the 3D Streaks looks odd to me.

Also you can’t use any real brand logo, like BMW



thank you

hi guys help me
in old version i use some brand name and logo but in new version i try to don’t use of them
and i create one new effect for logo appear .
unfortunately Envato Quality team reviewer again reject my project
new version is here :

please say me why ?

Here are some points may help you :

  • Try to make the logo looks glossy a little bit with a 3d look.
  • Reduce the blurriness, it looks foggy.
  • Add a shadow on the ground to make blend in with 3D pre-rendered footage.
  • Just use a logo with the preview, the cream product doesn’t look good with logo style

Hope this will help you, Good Luck :+1: