240,000+ Photos have arrived on Elements!

Hi All,

We’re excited to announce that Elements subscribers now have access to a library of 230K+ high-quality photos. We’ve welcomed our best photo authors to Elements to build a library of the highest quality, focusing on authentic and real life photography.

This is a huge addtion for Elements subscribers as photos is one of Elements’ most highly requested asset types. Now, for the same monthly price of $29, customers also get access to a growing library of 240,000+ photos for use in creative projects.

We’ll be continuing to refine the experience in the coming months so let us know any suggestions or feedback below.

We look forward to seeing what you can create with these stunning photos, and a big welcome to our latest Elements authors :smiley:

Luke and the Elements team.


Nice banner on the marketplaces today, but it’s still too small imo. Why not just redirect all marketplaces straight to the Elements homepage instead? :thumbsup:


I just visited the forum to see if anyone else was annoyed by it. It occupies like a third of the site’s height on 1366x768.


Hey! I think the banner is too small! I can’t even click on it!


Can we make logo bigger?


My biggest mistake when it comes to business…: Joining here as an author.


can you please make any click on my items redirect to element page? Thanks.


Ok, I kind of understood your points about elements in the other topic, but what is it with that banner on our pages for crying out loud? Really, when wordpress will be introduced to elements, you will make a half page banner?


You are killing us authors and you know it! Shame on you guys, you should know that is us who made envato in the end.


Absolute Truth.

I made only 1 sale this week.
I mean, a portfolio like mine.
1 sale, a week.

What your precious data is telling about it?
“Sales fluctuate from time to time”?

Or maybe something like, “our customer research has shown that the Elements serve very different customer segments.” ??

I really wonder what kind of a segment that is.
“if it is free then I go for it” kind of a segment?

So finally, you have ruined the hard work of years with all your anti-author moves.
You should be proud of yourself.
Thank you for all that Envato (if you know what I mean)


Just a thought here. I know envato thinks that we are stuck here and they can do whatever they like and in a way they are right, most elite authors have been here for years. If this is the strategy it will work in short therm but I am prety sure most authors here are thinking of another way of promoting their work and in the end most of us will leave the market or remain non exclusive.

Maybe elements is a good move for envato short therm but long therm it will be a bad decision.

Imagine to pay for an actual theme to be developed and added into elements, now is easy peasy, just take some of the best themes which have been made with hard work and a lot of time and add them in elements the author will get a fraction of sales, envato gets 50%, no offence guys I lived in a communist country and this is how it use to be then the state was taking 50% or more and the masses a fraction of that, they controlled the rules we were just there for the taking, modern slavery. You are doing the same thing and you know there will be consequences but by then you will be so rich it will not really matter…

This market used to be all about passion then money now is the other way around.

Just a thought.