$20k Content Challenge - Illustrations

With everything going on in the world right now, we’re excited to announce the launch of our latest content challenge open to both Envato Market and Envato Elements authors.

We’re offering more money to more authors in this challenge!

Authors will receive $20 for their first approved item (open to the first 500 authors) and then a share of the total $20K prize pool for all following submissions and authors, thereafter. This means that the more you publish, the more you can earn. Check out the specific challenge and item submission criteria below to get involved!

Our aim is to prepare you with the top search insights and opportunities within our marketplaces, offering more ways to earn in our current global environment.

This challenge is all about championing Illustrations and we’re excited to see what content you create!

Why Illustrations? It’s What Customers are Looking For!

We now have a wide range of customer insights and industry trends you can access, as well as seasonal trend data that you can use to help answer this exact question for yourself. Right now, we are seeing a lot of opportunity for authors to earn from something we don’t have much of, rasterized illustrations.

For more details about what customers are looking for and for more inspiration, read through our in-depth Author Hub article for this challenge.

Images by cofeee and masastarus

Submission Criteria

Please follow the steps below and make sure that your item submissions meet the requirements to be considered for the challenge.

  • Must include the specific challenge tag #Illustration2020

  • Must be a new illustration

    • Only items new to Market and Elements will be considered.
    • We will accept new JPG and PNG content that also includes Vector files. The Vector files will be seens as a bonus, but will not have any effect on your eligibility.
    • We will not accept a rasterized version of a vector that already exists. For example, if you have a vector that already exists on GraphicRiver, you cannot simply create JPG versions of that item.
    • Illustrations can be created in any medium or technique, just make sure your Zip upload includes a good quality, high resolution JPG or PNG file.
    • Please add the JPG or PNG attribute to your items, along with any other relevant file types within your upload.
  • It needs to be published wherever you sell on Envato and have the exact same title.

    • For example, this means that if you sell on both GraphicRiver and Envato Elements, you will be required to submit the same item for both.
  • Needs to be uploaded to the Illustration category wherever you publish: GraphicRiver and/or Elements

  • Must be approved and published, not only submitted. Click here for our item requirements and guidelines (Market & Elements).

    • Minimum 1 approved item per author to receive a payout.
  • Must be submitted within the dates specified (not necessarily approved within these dates).

  • Further to our policy on multiple author accounts, you may only use one account to participate.

Ready to Join the Challenge?

You can join the challenge by creating a new illustration item and submitting it for publication on the platforms you sell on using the tag: Illustration2020 by;

Wednesday 10th June 2020 [11.59pm AEDT] for Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Keep in mind that items only need to be submitted by the date specified to be included in the challenge, they do not need to be approved and published by the deadline. **The more you publish, the more you earn** - so start creating now and get involved!

Please note: Envato’s usual terms, conditions and policies (including submission and review guidelines) will apply to such items submitted as part of this challenge, so please only submit your best work that is in line with our content requirements.

You can view the content requirements across graphics categories below;

Happy creating! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. As usual, please remember our community guidelines as you post.

Please also make sure you read through the terms and conditions found in our Author Hub article.


What are Rasterized Illustrations?

Rasterization refers to the exported format version of the item file. When rasterizing a file created in Illustrator, this converts the graphic from outlines or vectors into something made of small colored dots or pixels. This way of exporting a file means that it doesn’t limit the file type to illustrator - making it easier for more customers to use the file across their creative projects!

Do I have to be a Graphics Author to get Involved?

Not necessarily, however entry for this challenge is only open to authors with commercial level illustration skills. This means that if you or your team have a hidden talent for art and illustration, and can create designs that meet our quality and content requirements (outlined above), we would love to see it!

Tip: Check out previous featured items on Market and Elements, as well as these illustration examples as chosen by Kate, Envato’s Content Specialist for Graphics to see the kinds of techniques we’re looking for, beyond traditional vector art.

What about other Content-Types/Categories on Market and Elements?

At this stage, we are primarily focusing on the best opportunities we’ve found across Envato, whether that’s from customer requests, top search insights/data and how accessible they are to both our customers and authors, given the current global environment.

We’ll be exploring more ways to provide authors with insights and content opportunities across other categories, so make sure to keep an eye out for these challenges in the future.


Thank you Envato.


Nice to information I also am interesting :slight_smile:

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Which category graphicriver I can upload illustrations?

Hi @JeriTeam, it’s the illustration category under graphics. You can click the link in the quote above to see :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much @steve_lam

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Best of luck authors :+1: Hope to see some great illustrations!


Great news! I was recovering after Content Challenge: Representing 2020 and I was going back to work today. And here is a new challenge! Onward and upward :star_struck:


You’re saying this as if you got hit by a car.

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I tried to create and upload as many items as possible by the deadline) I worked seven days a week, I was tired.

Regular work time in my case :slight_smile: since about 1 year .

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I’m in :grin:


Is it only work for this kind of illustration style or broad illustration?

How’s the $20 process? if my items got accepted and then $20 automatically send to my paypal or the money will collected first and when the end of the challenge it gets distributed?


This is only example illustration - you can do whatever you want but it is recommended to get familiar with trends for 2020 in illustrations which can be found here:

About processing … if you are elements author your work should be accepted in both - graphic river and elements. - I don’t want to make a mistake - everyone should read the terms for himself :slight_smile:


Thank you, Novocaina!

Any style illustration you’re comfortable with :slight_smile:



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good day everyone i was new here but i’m a graphic designer from philippines
i want to ingage this challenge but i dont know if there is a requirements here and i just want or i just need a partner or something to guide me cause i dont know what to do

thank you everyone

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i agree with you.

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Thank you, Novocaina!