New $12K Content Challenge - Live Streaming [Video & Graphics]

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our next Content Challenge - Live Streaming.

Did you know that over the last 90 days, Stock Video items with the tags ‘Twitch’ have been licensed 6x more frequently per day than general items, while Video Templates with the same tag have been licensed 1.4x more frequently!

This is one of the reasons our latest challenge is focused on Streaming. We’re opening it up to all video and graphics authors, across Market and Elements, and giving away $12,000 in prizes! You’ve also got the next 8 weeks to show us your stuff, starting today!

How Does the Challenge Work?

First check out the Live Streaming blog post, which will give you all the details on the content we’re looking for within each item type.

Broadly, though, we’re looking for Streaming-style content across:

  • Graphics
  • Graphic Templates (Web Elements on Market)
  • Video Templates, and
  • Stock Video (Motion Graphics)

The challenge will begin today, Thursday 24th September and run for 8 weeks, with final submissions being accepted on Thursday 19th November, at 11:59pm Melbourne, Australia time.

To enter, imply submit an item (or items) during the challenge dates, and make sure:

  • You include the metadata tag ‘Stream2020’.
  • It’s a brand new item, not currently on Market or Elements.
  • It’s submitted in one of the four categories (Graphics, Graphic Templates/Web Elements, Video Templates or Stock Video).

After the 19th November 2020, our Content Specialists and review team will select the best items (within each category, and separately for Market and Elements) and the winning authors will receive a share in the $12K USD prize pool on offer! There will be:

  • 1 winner and 1 runner up in each of the four categories (Graphics, Graphic Templates/Web Elements, Video Templates and Stock Video), for both Market and Elements; so
  • 16 winners in total!
  • Winners in each category will win $1,000, and runners up will receive $500!

Please note Envato’s usual terms, conditions and policies (including submission and review guidelines) will apply to such items submitted as part of this contest, so please only submit your best work that is in line with our content requirements. And the specific competition terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the blog post.

Happy creating! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


I am interesting :slight_smile: I want participe it :slight_smile:

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I also like to participate… but I have questions as a market author and a UI/UX designer

so in elements there is a category called Graphics templates and the Twitch panels and Twitch overlays come under that but in Graphic river there is no such category called graphics templates… Instead there is a category called Graphics… and I think these Twitch panels should come under UI/UX templates…

As per my search I couldn’t find any similar products in the graphicriver… so have doubt whether it may gets approves or not

I hope Envato won’t treat elements authors in a separate way than to us please…

I also have a question about meta tag … is it a tag we enter in the tags section when we upload the item ?



if you don’t find similar products in the graphicriver but you can search any example in graphicriver for you can give some ideas[]=banner|typed&term_meta[]=Streaming|typed good luck :slight_smile:


The problem is where to upload the twitch panals not the inspiration mate… there is no category

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I am not sure I think that for example create a background than category “graphic” -> “background” but you need write tag: ‘ Stream2020

You can wait @steve_lam will to help you, thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks, brother,… Will wait till @steve_lam replies…


don’t brother, sister (I am women, my name is Jerika) :slight_smile:

Oohhh… Ouch!, Who know sister! I’m really sorry

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Can i upload more than one category? such as, I want to make Logo string and title

Thanks @anchor_point_heshan, we realised we didn’t make it clear enough for the GraphicRiver categories, as they are slightly different to Elements. So it will be under Web Elements :slight_smile:

I’ll be changing the comms to reflect that as the category for the prizes and where things that don’t fit under the Graphics category go. There’s a social media section in there where it might suit, depending on what you create!

And for the tag, it will just be one of your metadata tags on the item you upload.


wow very nice event i am really exited bout your event

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That’s good sharing.

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Some information needed to be more clarified. Would be better for me.

  1. The content submitting method is the same as we regularly upload on Graphicriver, right?

  2. Only we need to add the metadata tag Stream2020.

  3. And the items should be uploaded within the four categories (Graphics, Graphic Templates/Web Elements, Video Templates and Stock Video).

  4. . Do we need to upload before the deadline or it should be uploaded and also reviewed before the deadline?

I would be glad if you clear all the things in the same order mentioned above.



So interesting, lets join this challenge

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Not sure.

Thanks, @XioxGraphix

i am very much interested.


to participate, I just need to add a tag “Stream2020” in Dashboard, when i will upload project?

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Hey @U_Design, as @XioxGraphix responded (thank you!) all yes but to clarify the final point about dates and upload:

  • You only need to have it uploaded by the closing date, not approved in this challenge. Because of this, there will be a bit of wait time after the challenge for all items to get through review before we can announce the winners :slight_smile: