2018 Envato Community T-shirt Contest

We’ve reached our deadline!

Many thanks to all the incredible entries in our T-shirt contest! Not only has there been a phenomenal response, but the ideas, creativity, and designs were all top notch!

We’re now going to pick the finalists and we’ll allow the community moderators to vote and pick the ultimate winner!

  • By the end of the week - we’ll announce the finalists.
  • We’ll share the finalists with the community moderators so they can start voting.
  • February 12 - Voting ends, winner announced.

Stand-by to see the finalists by the end of this week. Good luck, everyone! :tshirt:


Thank you. That was inspiring. :slight_smile:


Eeek! I messed-up the judging element by accident so I’d first like to apologize for any confusion, I’m so sorry! I would therefore like to make a slight amendment to the judging process and provide a verification in the interest of transparency, time and effort to all concerned. I’m so sorry for any confusion caused!

Verification of how we’re going to choose the winners:

  • Our original announcement mentioned that our moderators would select the finalists, and the community would vote for the winning design.
  • After the contest closed, I announced that we/Envato would pick the finalists, we’d allow the community moderators to pick the ultimate winner, and we’d announce the finalists (with the winner revealed on February 12).
  • We already have the moderators voting on the finalists.
  • As our ultimate aim was to have both our community and community moderators involved in the voting process, I think a good and fair compromise here now would be to invite some of our community members into the voting process. That way, (a) we’re happy that the finalists are to a very high standard to ensure any winning T-shirt that gets made for our community is to an acceptable standard (b) community moderators have helped select the winner and (b) some of our community have also helped determine the winner.
  • Therefore, I am going to invite 10 of our most active community members in our forums who did NOT enter this contest, to help vote on the winners.

Again, truly sorry for the complication and any confusion caused. Ultimately, nothing much has changed - we’re still going to get an awesome T-shirt out of this contest no matter what. Just wanted to make sure the issue was addressed honestly, transparently, and as fair and as efficiently as possible.

So all that said and done, let’s see all the finalists we picked out!


@Its_me_Sultan (view here) @Opaq (view here) @BlackSunAeon_Music (view here) @MotionFlowMedia (view here) @rautanstudio (view here) @OlexandrIgnatov (view here) @BoldThemes (view here) @mannymusic (view here) @IndWorks (view here) @ilmosys (view here) @javabika_pro (view here)

This thread will now remain temporarily locked while we invite 10 of our most active community forum members into the voting process to help find our winner. We’ll back on February 12 to announce the winner.

Good luck, and congratulations, to all our finalists!


Announcing our Winner

Many congratulations to…


…for designing the 2018 Envato Community T-Shirt!


rautanstudio wins:

– a choice between $250 or a GraphicRiver featured item homepage promotion
– A Won a Competition community badge
– A T-shirt with the winning design.
Design will be used on T-shirts we give away as prizes throughout 2018


We’ll be in touch later today with prize information, @rautanstudio, awesome work! Your skill and ability to perfectly capture the creative Envato Community was appreciated by our entire community!

Awesome Entries

Thank you so, so much to everyone who entered, the quality of submissions was off-the-chart incredible!

Big thanks

Thank you so much to all our moderators and community members who were invited to rate/rank all our finalists to help determine the ultimate winner. Here’s a list of everyone who voted:

@AurusAudio @baileyherbert @benleong @dtbaker @Enabled @KingDog @LucaThemesCom @matthewcoxy @SamBerson @scottwills @sevenspark @SpaceStockFootage @Strobar @ThemeSLR @AlekseyZhdanov @gballx @WildLion_Production @RedOctopus @AMZA @romlam

Next steps

– We will make sure rautanstudio gets their prize!
– We will begin the process of getting the T-shirts printed
– We will award rautanstudio, all our community moderators, and the community members who helped vote for the winners, a T-shirt once available
– We will also award the T-shirt to the winners of our New Year Greetings event (we haven’t forgotten about you!) @soundrose @IvanLuzan @Brandacity @WebRa @Edwud_Music
– We will order a supply of T-shirts that can be won and obtained via other Envato community contests and events throughout the rest of 2018.

Thank you again to everyone involved in this contest! What a talented, creative community we have, and what an amazing T-shirt design we’ve ended up with courtesy @rautanstudio. Let’s give rautanstudio a big hand for designing a T-shirt that can be worn with much pride. :star:


Awesome! Glad to be a part of it :grin:

Congrats! Awesome design! :clap::blush:

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Great news! :^) I like these contests. What a brilliant community! :grin::grin::grin::star_struck:

Congrats @rautanstudio. Amazing work :kissing_heart::ok_hand:

Congrats to the winner !!! Awesome design :slight_smile: !!!

Cngrts to the winner… Just to make sure… The finalists win nothing?


Congrats!!! for the winner :slight_smile:

Yeaayyy… Thank you very much for this, I’m verry happy that my designs win this 2018 Community Contest. Thank you for all the moderators who get involved in this contest.
I wish all the best to all participants in this contest,
When i know the finalist i know that this will gonna be so hard to win, but lucky me here :D.

Thank you again for making my designs as the winner of this contest.


You Awesome! Bro Congrats!!!

envato ( How to get it This T-Shirt )

Congratulations @rautanstudio! :slight_smile:

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Hey @avsprem! No opportunities to speak of at the moment, but keep your eyes on the #contests tag in our forums for new contests. There should be a new contest in the next couple of weeks. :thumbsup:

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Congratulations @rautanstudio! What an wonderful work :clap::clap::clap:

Yeap !!! Congrats ma boi !!! @rautanstudio :smile::smile::smile: