2 WordPress theme with same name.

I have a WordPress theme named “futura” on Themeforest.

Few months back, users of this theme started to send me mail stating the problem that they updated the theme and sites layout changed.

After searching for the actual cause of this issue I found that there is a theme with the same name “futura” in WordPress theme directory. And that’s why WordPress update notification is being shown for my theme 'futura".

As of now I told all the users to ignore the automatic update, and only update the theme if they see an update on Themeforest.

But my question is, what is the best way to prevent the situation in future for my next theme. Is there any possible way of naming the theme or theme folder uniquely, so that it do not replaced by other theme with same name?


Use any theme name but use a different or a prefix in themes folder Name


Theme name : wptheme001
Folder Name : vs-wptheme001

Thanks for the reply. So in my case, I should use gbj-themename. Will it cause any issue in review process?

Yes . I don’t think it will cause review issues

I think theme slug must match with text domain for no review issues, i am not sure - correct me if i am wrong.

@GBJsolution There is a way around your problem. You can programmatically prevent your theme from being updated by WordPress if it is active. I believe you can filter out your theme from the update system.

Thanks for this tip. I was thinking about this way, but all I am concern about the review process. That’s why I posted it here.

Maybe a reviewer can point us what step we shout take which will not make trouble in review. :slight_smile:

@GBJsolution I do not think that would be an issue. But you’re right, maybe the reviews are opposed to that. But personally I don’t see the big problem if you code it properly and make sure only your theme slug is affected.

OK, I will do it in my next theme and see what happens. Thanks all of you for helping me. :smiley: