There is already a free theme with same name as mine. What should I do ?

Hello ! I am developing a WordPress theme, and suddenly discovered that there is another free theme, hosted on with the same name as mine. What really disturbs me is that this theme has a higher version (1.8) than mine (1.0) and WordPress is telling users that they need to update. And I don’t even want to imagine what will happen if they update :)))
Is there a way at least to avoid this update message ? I don’t want to change the name, because the demos are already done, the logos and presentation images, so I will need to fix all this things out.
The only solution I found now, is to set a higher version and hope that theme on will not be updated soon.

You do not change the name but you can just rename the textdomain (you will also need to update the theme files as well)

Thanks for the response. I already submitted the theme, but with a higher version, will see what the review theme will say ))

Hi! Did you solve this problem? If yes, can you share the solution, please.

started counting versions with a greater version than existing theme (started with 2.0)

This a cat & mouse game.
If the item name is not so important, consider to use a new name, it will let you stay away from unnecessary race and eliminate possible issues.
What if suddenly the free one has an upgrade and version it with higher versions than yours?

I did change my item name due to this issue and found no issues with this approach.
One more thing is considering the value of your item. If your users search for your theme name, not in Themeforest but on Google, what do you think if they found a similar free item out there.
Believe me, as an ordinary user, I will click to see the free item first.

Hope it helps!

No offense, but that’s not just lazy. It’s pretty lame and unprofessional.

Not quite possible when you already set up demos, logos and everything.