2 star rating for not including images

I got 2 star ratings for not including images in the lingua html template

How can I contact Envato ?

you could send a support ticket, but I’m afraid it won’t be removed

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where I can open a ticket ?

Here you go…

99.99% it will be waste of time to ask for removal of this rating, its buyer’s constructive
feedback :grinning:
You can try though and please let us know too if it is removed.

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Yes, I don’t think I will get a positive answer.

But the buyer rated then posted a comment, he didn’t bother to wait and see how we can solve the problem.

2 star rating for not providing the demo images… that’s too much!

What I’m selling, the images or the template ?

No offence, friend, but i can understand the customer frustration. I hate it too when there are no images of the digital product i want to buy, and then i realise there is something missing in the item because i didn’t see it clearly before purchase. So my advice is to let it go and just include images in the future products :slight_smile:

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No offence, but I disagree.

I also buy templates for my clients and I end up changing the images. I don’t have the rights to sell the images.

If you care so much about images, why not ask before buy. There are lots of authors that are selling templates without images. The price for images is not covering how much I earn with the template (at least for now )

There are not missing images, there just placeholders ( grey images)

You’re right. But everyone is different. Some might not have the time to ask the authors, others just don’t know they can. If you want to avoid bad ratings you should take this into account and make appropriate changes. I’m not taking anyone’s side. This is just how the things works, unfortunately.

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It’s more complicated then this, anyway I will take this into consideration next time.

Always write in theme description that images are not included in download. Sometimes it is good practice to put it on top of description together with “this is HTML template, not WordPress theme” sentence (if it is HTML template), because some customers are not reading it.:unamused:

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Thank you!
Good to know

Oh, i’m sorry, i didn’t quite understood what images do you mean.
But still, if customer thought the images are included and you didn’t stated in the description that its not, i can understand him too.

Yes, in this case its better to write in the description that images are not included.

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I can’t understand someone who gives 2 star rating for images missing. Then he should purchase images, not purchase theme if they are most important part of theme for him. On the other side, why don’t he picks them from demo site and if want, purchase regular license for it for few more dollars.


Good news!

Envato removed the review because it violates the Ratings Policy by attempting to force me to do something I’m not obligated to do.

Thank you Envato!

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You are right. I know how much this frustrated you but still if the customer might have thought about the images included and you did not mention he might have felt upset. It is better to mention it in the description. Good luck for your further work :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Hello buddy.

How do you do it, please tell me, because client gave me a 1 star, because in my print template not images, and wrote bad note: Do not buy this garbage!


How to delete this comment?



You have to contact envato and tel them about this problem. Only Envato can delete comments. Envato will delete the comment if they think you are right. So contact Envato

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I write today!