15+ Reversal in month ! Its celebration about our 200+ sales ??


Our new product: (https://codecanyon.net/item/drmedico-online-healthcare-android-app-with-order-medicine-and-upload-prescription/28842064)

So its our new item launched by 7th October and instantly buyer commented on post and his purchased done after few days backs buyers account removed by Envato and Reversal happen on our profile. Buyer name(https://codecanyon.net/user/ahmadmusholli). Buyers profile 2 year old and Why this happening now ? New item and 2 reversal happen with in 5 days. :pensive: :pensive:

Our another product (https://codecanyon.net/item/hungry-grocery-delivery-android-app-and-delivery-boy-app-with-interactive-admin-panel/26820227)

We did 200+ sales and We are happy with the part of Envato. 1st October to 13th October in a row 10+ reversal. Why this happen with us ? I can understand with 1 or 2 reversal but the thing is its happened too much now. What should i do now ? can any one help ? :pensive: :pensive: :confounded: :sob:

I am try and contact support team but only one answer back with same email We try and improve more.