Hi! Anyone knows something about this new AudioStock page “100audio”?
I received the same message (e-mail) as everyone inviting me to this site but I dont trust it much.
Anyone has any experience with it?

it looks legit enough for me to give it a try! thanks for mentioning it!

OMG! still don’t understand chinese :rofl:

So this Chinese rip-off has higher price than AJ? Lol… even they couldn’t get that low.

They message almost everyone I knew. I think it’s legit but I can’t read Chinese :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s in English for me.

They spam every forum on the internet with fake profiles: “Hey guys, have you heard about this new site…” etc.

They sometimes forget to change the account so they post with different names from the same profile. Quite amusing. But very shady.

The site might be legit, but they use VERY shady spam and fake profile “marketing” techniques.

Therefore, I would think twice…

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you can use some online translàtor… :grin:

Well, I saw a lot of AJ authors there :slight_smile: Anyone want to share their experience?


I’ve made a deeper research and I was eager to join them until I’ve talked with fellow authors who refused to joint them. They seem legit but the contract doesn’t look safe for me, It’s full of tricky articles. It’s too unclear for the Chinese service. I mean, I believe they might have goodwill but “might” isn’t enough for me, especially if they really care about this contract.

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Absolutely right @RedOctopus . I also refused them once and forever when I saw this amount in the letter of agreement. This is the same as sitting on a powder keg, and this is absolutely not trustworthy. Problems (catastrophic problems) may not start right away, but after a year or after 2 years if you really signed this contract. I do not advise anyone to register there (or something to sign with them)!

Hi there, I think I’ve got around 15 tracks there. I won’t upload anymore because the payout treshold is around 280$. Paypal is not supported. Upload process is painfull. I just made one sale there… If you’re looking for better Chinese place, Vfine works very well and looks more serious :slight_smile: I hope this help !

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