Chinese Platform confusion

Well, I’m a non-exclusive author on a Chinese website,
By coincidence I searched my artist name on google and found my music on 5 youtube videos and what’s weird about it is the music is clean without the watermark and every description has my name and the sites name which is weirder,
Did anyone have this problem before?

Hello, I am not sure what the problem is?
No watermark, your name + website where your music can be bought is mentionned…(which is rare!) so I guess the youtube creator has bought a license? Or maybe I am missing something here?

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It would only be weird if you’d never sold anything at the Chinese website.

If he bought the licence I’d get any notification about it which is weird my sales on this site is 0.

made some sales on 100audio the site I’m talking about is vfine I’m uploading since July.

the description is written in different channels in the same way which is pretty odd!

Ask the site when sales are reported. Some sites license content and you get paid, and notifications of sales several month later. Either way… they’re the ones to ask.

I’ve sent them an email regarding this issue,
than you for the tip.

oh ok, now i see… Hey, i am also listed on the last video :slight_smile:

man this is weird
I’m suspecting it’s some fake channels from the site itself to promote their stuff,
just sherlocking the whole situation XD

Hey, you are right, this is strange… The channel with the young lady and her cookies, it seems t be a normal, small, personnal channel by a teenager, I don’t see her buying 10 V*ine tracks for a single video :slight_smile: And I confirm, I did not sell the track of mine she is using.

There are other videos where my music seems to appear, very very small number of views, I don’t understand how they found the music, and why the credits are fully written… I’ll contact the young lady via her channel just to understand… And I’ll keep you informed via DM (this is an AJ forum, not a V*ine one :slight_smile: )

EDIT: I have a feeling, as I already have seen my music being used on channels with very very few views… and they were all using something like “VivaVideo”…

I’ll try to DM her either about it.

It’s something to do with the vivavideo app still confused about how do they get the unwatermarked music.

Hi @MoosBeat , I wrote directly to you, but did not get an answer; we should really continue this discussion in private (this has nothing to do with AJ :slight_smile: )
Yes this is Vivavideo as I told you; I wrote to them, still need some more answers :slight_smile:

vivavideo is owned by viva entertainment in the Philippines. big group. good luck. it is certainly a partnership with the Chinese can be.

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