someone contact me to buy all my audio jungle account ...

someone contact me to buy all my audio jungle account … he wants all my tracks with rights … pretend (maybe he is) co founder of fx monster … his name is Alex Troian he have an account on envato since september 2022 … didn 't purchase any item …

Does someone else been contact too ? and have a similar proposition ?

Mmmm, nope. I’ve been contacted to compose custom music, create a sound-a-like of a certain track, re-arrange and edit a track for an agreed price but not a complete-portfolio buyout with full rights. Sounds weird as most of the tracks were already sold to several customers which hold legit licenses, specially being part of Elements, and signing a copyright transfer contract could lead to HUGE headaches to everyone involved.

Sounds, at the least, like a risky move, even with expert legal assistance, upfront payment and a pretty big figure, doesn’t it?

You would need to get envato involved to do that but it sounds sketchy to me, esp if they didn’t mention a price

They propose 8000 dollars ! Peanuts :slight_smile:

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Yes it s risquy and strange why me ? For what they need almost 500 tracks ?

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No clue, but your portfolio is pure gold. So unique. Stick to it, I’d say. :slight_smile:

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Thanks :blush:

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It’s a scam - just ignore it and delete the emails. That’s a bit like us getting emails telling me that I am going to inherit $10 million dollars if I give them my bank details …

Because apparently unbeknownst to me I had some long lost relative living (well now dead) in some part of the world :wink:

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What a coincidence, I lost a family member as well who I have never met in a different country but left me me lots of dolla.


He contacted me and offered 10K.
Maybe he only wanted the account and not the assets? :crazy_face::joy::rofl:



Serious business proposals are not made this way. On their part, a document and proposals should be drawn up in detail and carefully, indicating the price and penalties, a proposal to sign an agreement with a lawyer on the execution of a transaction, etc. So this is a scam.
And in general, I think it is not entirely correct and honest to discuss this on the platform where you are currently running your business.

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yep i agree :slight_smile: !

same here…got an email today from a woman also from fx monster. no way i’m selling my account lol.

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These offers are quite insulting.

This happened to me two weeks ago from fx monster also and I Immediately saw this as a scam. Didn’t know they offered such a low amount. :cold_face:

And as WormwoodMusic said “signing a copyright transfer contract would lead to HUGE headaches to everyone involved.” :grimacing: :crazy_face:

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Been asked too the same question. He offered me $5000. I answered : My account brings profit at 800 $ to 1k$ monthly and I am getting close to 200k $ in overall sellings . I would gladly sell all my items and my account for 100k $ :slight_smile: . Cheers!


I just received the offer too. I think he knows that people might get suspicious, so apparently he left different envato nickname in the draft agreement.

Once I googled that nickname it led me to another Envato account which was presumingly sold to him.

I sent an email to the previous owner and he claimed that the transition was fast and it’s not a scam.

This made me think it’s a scam :rofl:

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