100 items

Today I got my 100. item approved. 80 of them were produced over the last 8 months, which was a lot of work and sometimes exhausting. But this is now a little milestone for me. Luckily I catched over that time only a very few rejections, which gives me the drive to produce more in the future.
Hopefully the often discussed sales situation will turn to better in the future. But at first we all have to overcome the global pandemic. Stay safe friends! And keep producing good music. Remember: As long as you sit in front of your computer and mixer in your studio, the risk to catch a COVID infection is very low. :wink:


Congratulation for your milestone :clap:
It’s always easy to focus on bad stuff or things, but it’s important to not forget all the positive steps we made in our (long term) adventure, thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

@Daydreamz-Studios . Congrats on your milestone. Watch out for the burnout ! :wink:

Stop telling them that! We will soon facing whole bunch of producers trying to stay safe and maybe doing a buck on RF markets. Is easy. Four chords and a mute guitar. And Covid free. :neutral_face:

OMG, you’re right! I forgot!
We need to establish a new trend for these composers. @Hyperprod can you produce a 4-chord pattern with the bagpipe please? And call it “This epic motivotional inspirational upbeat bagpipe”
We tell them then: the bagpipe is the new palm muted guitar and best played and best sounding in chords.

@Daydreamz-Studios . Funny, i just find a post where a customer complained regarding the presence of the watermark. Too loud and too disturbing. Probably he is right. And most probably he is disturbed by the presence of the watermark itself🙂.
And now i think we may discovered the most innovative and safe watermark. The ‘bagpipe watermark’ . Trademarked , of course.

What an awesome idea dude. And then we convince envato to replace it. And for every single new upload we will earn money - $25 for the standard watermark license…of course.
Okay, next stop: bentley.com and let me do a quick order. I’m rich!!! What an awesome Monday!

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I don’t know about 4 chords… I can do one and then we bring in some more writers to do the last 3 chords.


What if instead of saying Audiojungle, the watermark said: “You look great today!” , “Have you been working out?”, “You have great taste in music” and so on.

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Collaboration is one of the strengths of an AJ author. It’s done every day, so no problem.

Nice! Best idea! But I don’t want to waive on the bagpipes.Is there anyone here, who has ever combined some audio clips? I have no clue about.

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Or let’s put a 16th note step filter on the existing logo out of sync

Congratulations! I hope this is the beginning of the journey.

Congrats! Keep up the good work.