100 Items approved!



Hey there!

Last night I got my 100th item approved at Audiojungle! When I started uploading about 4 years ago, I never would’ve thought there would be a market for a niche genre like oldschool hiphop, but I guess there is. I will never be a top seller though, but that’s okay! I became featured author of the week at one point and that gave me all the recognition I needed! Last year I didn’t have the time to upload regularly and I’m trying to find the time for that this year, so next stop: 200 items!

Thanks to the Envato reviewers for approving (most of) my items. thanks to the buyers that appreciate my work and thanks to the wonderful Envato community!


Martijn (Flowsopher @ Audiojungle)


Great work!


@Melody4Media Thanks mate! Really appreciate it!


yeah!! a big celebration!! congratulations! :smiley: :beer::beer::beer:




@MusicLFiles @swisssongwriter thanks guys!!


The author’s popular - it’s wonderful! It gives a new inspiration, a new breath to the creation of music! Congratulate :nerd_face:


Thanks, mate!!


Very nice. Congrats!


Thanks @Hummingbird-musicwor


Congrats mate and good luck :slight_smile:


Congratulations mate. :tada::tada::tada::tada:


@Deluxe-Audio & @LongXmusic Thanks so much, guys!


@Flowsopher Congratulation for the Century :tada: keep growing up :slight_smile:


@wptech Thanks, mate! I’ll do my best!




Congrats!!! Great job whit continuity and focus. Keep working, good luck with sales and thanks for the inspiration!


Good job! Keep it up!


@Max-Music @ShymonMusic Thanks, guys!

@thekingtracks I’ll keep uploading, even though sales are very low at the moment, great to hear I inspired you a bit! Good luck and many sales to you too!