£10 Template sold for more that £40 with the help of Evanto

I had bought templates for about £40 before specifically
"[REMOVED]". This is a very sophisticated template with demo
upload template function as well as video and documentation support.
Unfortunately I also bought
"[REMOVED]" for £43 by a
company called “[REMOVED]” which if I had known wouldn’t pay £10 for. Their
support is nearly 24hours late and when it arrives it is a generic reply.(
things which everyone would have tried before contacting support like increase ini file size- Reminds me of IT staff asking
customers if they had tries switching on and off the computer). No proper
documentation let alone template function to upload demo data and slider (both
of which do not work.

As consumers we expect Evento to categorise products according
to their value. I believe Evatno is deliberately misleading customers by
pricing the “[REMOVED]” and the rubbish [REMOVED] template called “[REMOVED]”

Worst still customers have no change of getting their money
back once they buy even if the product does not work as expected.

Please do not call out authors or files in the forums.

If you beleive a file does not work as advertised then contact support as this is not the case

and if the file proves to be faulty then you may be entitled to a refund. More info here