Across the Board Price Increases -- Count Me Out

I don’t know what Envato told its sellers, other than updating its pricing best practices document, but I’ve witness a general across-the-board increase in pricing from all your vendors over the past few weeks.

This is a terrible idea. I think it’s a foolish one as well because it has driven me away from your community. In my opinion, most of the WP themes, templates, plugins, etc., on this site are way overpriced to begin with. Whatever you did to compel your authors to jack up their prices even more only adds insult to injury. You and they must be living in dreamland.

Unfortunately, I made a deposit into my Envato account. I regret doing so as it is non refundable. Now I have to figure out how to spend that money on products I don’t want, from a host I no longer want anything to do with.


You are completely wrong. The facts and data show another story:

  1. The plugin and theme market for Wordpress and HTML have the lower prices in the world. Any other marketplace have bigger prices (avg. 80$ for wp themes) and and others indipendents plugins (avg. 60$ - 100$ for plugins) or themes (avg. 80$ for wp themes) also.

  2. The price is not increased with author driving pricing method but decreased, how you can not see it? Now there is a very big number of themes for 32 / 26 / 39 $ . Before 99% of themes was 49$ or 59$.

I really not understand how is possible that you think what you think.