10 best opening titles templates inspired by Marvel

Hello VideoHivers,

@3Ddym showed me his fantastic Marvel style Element 3D project the other day and I’m mesmorized by it.

I want to make a video similar to this one featuring his and a few others to show off to customers what you can do with these items and indeed that they exist!

I’ll also be doing a feature article on how they were created made up of short interviews with the authors of the items featured.

So if you’ve got an Element 3D template that’s been inspired by the opening or ending graphics of a Marvel (or other action/superhero film) please link them below and hopefully you’ll feature in this little feature.

Keep in mind as well I’ll also be linking back to this thread in the article :wink:


Hey, I got one:

Here is one of another templates Ancient Battlefield :+1:

Videohive link

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I have some templates inspired by action films:

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There is one: https://videohive.net/item/hitech-3d-skreen/13354647

3D Adventure Logo or Text


City - Cinematic Trailer Element 3D


I’ve built whole town in Element 3D :slight_smile:

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Hello, i’m a fan of batman character and here what i have:


Here is mine highly inspired from beauty of Earth :stuck_out_tongue:

My Black Planet

Here is my Element 3D

Great idea!
I have a template of end credits as in the Iron Man 3.

Here is my Element 3D

Here is my Element 3D, Maybe :slight_smile:


Another one: