Epic Trailer Customized?

Hi Everyone,

I have an idea for a promo video trailer. I’m not sure if it is possible, but here’s the general idea. I love this template here:

I have video footage that needs to be trimmed and exported as 3 clips to include in the final product. One clip will be 10 seconds long. Another clip will be 3 seconds long. Another clip will be 20-22 seconds long. I don’t want to mute the sound on my video footage clips in the final product.

Here’s the potential issue. My 3 video footage clips I own are different duration from the video clips shown in the template I linked above. Is there any hope of having my video footage clips at those sizes and still make it fit the template linked above? I also want viewers of the final product to be able to hear the audio from my raw footage at the same time the music in the template above is playing. Will it sound terrible to do that? It’s not music in my raw footage. The video footage I have is of guests laughing and talking at a gala, so it’s not music.

What are your thoughts? Is this idealistic to use my footage clips of a fixed length and have it gracefully be incorporated into the template linked above? Is there any chance the raw footage audio can play at the same time as the epic music in the template linked above without it sounding awful? If you think this project can be done, what would you charge for the final product? I would want to incorporate the video footage clips into the template linked above and alter the words shown in the template. Feel free to send a quite via PM if you are more comfortable that way. Thank you.

Hi @jessethementalist

I am available for freelance work. Feel free to contact me via my PROFILE PAGE.


Hi everyone. I am just updating this thread to let you know the demand has been met (I hired yeremia who posted in this thread.) Thank you.