Zip-a-Dee- Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-Day !


Why [in this day and age] do we have to zip a .mov video clip to upload ?

I don’t know how it is with other stock sites, but on Videhove… is it really necessary?

  • Zipping up After Effects files with lots of assests - yes i can understand.
  • Zipping up Theme Forest or Audiojungle files with multiple assets - yes i can understand.

But zipping up just one stock footage video file?.. Really ?

Even on the new ‘Loading Bay’ uploader, we don’t need to Zip video files, so why is this still the case with the old (original) upload page?


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In order to save time and space and make downloading and uploading process faster and don’t forget in the recovery process for the deleting files by mistake, it is better as the file will be recovered in a good state but if just a video will be recovered in a corrupted state



Thanks. Good answer, but this doesn’t really answer the question because people can still upload just the .mov footage file via the Loading Bay Without Zipping … and that works just fine.

So the issue about it 'saving time and space’, and ‘being better to recover if deleted by mistake’ is null and void.

I’m sorry for my missing knowledge but what do you mean with Loading Bay? Is that the new upload tool for Stock Footage authors?

I do only Template work so that may be why I am unfamiliar with the term.

Hi Creattive,

Yes indeed, the ‘Loading Bay’ is the new(-ish) upload tool for Motion Graphics and Stock Footage.


That’s awesome, some new updates