youtube links do not work, working with Oshine and Tatsu

Hi, I wonder why youtube links DO appear as thumbnail in tatsu, but finally do not appear in my website.
Vimeo links do show up finally.
here’s a link to what’s happening: bug tatsu youtube - YouTube

I’d be grateful for an advice !!

many thanks,Stijn

Some of the videos has limitations to be able to viewed elsewhere - permission issues. This could be your problem

thank you ki-themes, i just tested by uploading and using the link of a video that i made myself, still the same problem.

Are you having the same issue with different browser?


On your wordpress admin page go into Oshine or Satsu Editor and on the video options turn on the “Loop” setting and see if this solves your problem.

The video URL is correct ( DECATHLON B-TWIN 2022) and I think the issue is to do with the Satsu Editor.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, try disabling all the plugins and then one by one re-enable them and see if there is a conflicting plugin causing the issue.

it appears the “loop setting advice” below did the trick, many thanks for your kind advice

the loop setting did effectively did the trick, many thanks for your kind advice


You’re welcome -