Tatsu Portfolio doesn't show tumbnails while Portfolio Carousel does


I’m working on a website needing a standard portfolio. As with my first project, I want to use Tatsu for this. When using the ‘Portfolio’ tile, it does not show the thumbnails, though I can click om them which still opens the specific portfolio page. See here: https://imgur.com/P9sD0gX

While I can’t print screen the cursor, in the bottom left corner it does show that the tumbnail/link is practically there, it is just not visible.

However, when I use the Tatsu tile ‘Portfolio Carousel’ the thumbnails do show up. No other changes are made.

Could anyone help me with this? Tried a lot of options - also comparing it to the other project - but can seem to find it out.



I got exactly the same problem. Did you suceed to solve it?


I did manage to fix the problem. What turned out to be the problem was that I did update to the latest version of Wordpress but did not update Oshine (which apparently didn’t automatically updated). Updating to the last version of Oshine immediately solved the problem.

Hope this helps!