[Youtube Copyright Strike] Please help

I have 5 videos on Youtube using the same music, which is this one:

Today I had a copy right notice, I already download the license for this music, the same license applies for all 5 videos?

I share with you what I did when I first downloaded it:
1- I added it to my project
2- Downloaded the music
3- Downloaded the license

How am I supposed to get 5 licenses for the same music? I am confused sorry…

As that was music on Envato Elements then you need to follow instructions explained in License terms. When you download music, it’s for one product use, not 5. You need to go to downloads and register again, and again, and again, for each video.

Regarding copyright claim, in this case author can clear only for video for which you have license. If you dispute that copyright claim through YouTube, and show license to author, that will be fine. But for other 4 you do not have license, and then those claims are valid.

I hope this helps.